Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. I had a great New Year's Eve. Last night I went to hear the Dallas Bach Society play the Brandenburgs on antique instruments, something I've done to celebrate New Year's Eve several times in the past few years, and I'm never disappointed. Afterward, we had champagne and watched the ball drop in Times Square via cable, and then Mike and I watched an old DVD (Patriot Games). Today, most of the family in town (Anthony, me, Mike, Katharine, Brenden, Melanie & Xander) met at a favorite Cajun restaurant, Dodie's on lower Greeneville, where we enjoyed fried crawfish and shrimp, gumbo, red beans & rice, and Dodie's terrific vinegar coleslaw, and we shared a serving of the to-die-for bread pudding for dessert, while sitting outside and enjoying the 70-something degree weather. Xander entertained us by, among other things, looking at a large billboard advertising Silver City (a Dallas strip club) and saying, "Look, Grandma, that's YOU!" Uh, thanks, Xander. I appreciate that. I really do. Tonight, we had one of the most beautiful sunsets ever, and Mike and I grabbed our cameras and ran out to get some shots, and I caught the shot above. Beautiful, huh? I'm about to make Hoppin' John (for good luck in the New Year). Happy New Year everyone.


Paul said...

Happy New Year, Judi. Would you mind, um, sort of taking a photograph of that, ah, billboard, and emailing it to me?

emmapeelDallas said...

ROFLMAO! Ah, Xander sees me as VERY glamorous...although he's only 3, he keeps a pic of me in his room...and I'm flattered he sees me as so glamorous. But I don't really think I resemble the...ahhhh...lady...on the billboard.


dreaminglily said...

Aww... So you're the hot grandma huh? lol Have to admit I am dying to know what he was looking at when he said that, even though I'm laughing hard enough as it is lol God, I love kids lol

Hope you have an AMAZING year and MANY beautiful sunsets!

Much love,

Wenda said...

I've been so engrossed in your writing, I've lost track of whose blog led me here, but I'm glad it did.

Tammy said...

No picture of the billboard? TeeHee
I loved the picture you did show us though. What a great time you must of had! I missed the whole holiday :)

I'm glad you're feeling better

Bluwave said...

Happy New Year Judi! So the kid knows his grandma is a knock-out? And, yes, how come we don't all get to see that special billboard, too? lol

Judith HeartSong said...

Happy New Year Dear Lady. judi