Tuesday, May 09, 2006

the art of knitting

Aren't these socks gorgeous? My firstborn, Alex, knitted them for me when she was home on spring break. I've never had a pair of hand-knit socks before, and I've never, ever, had such a beautiful pair of socks. I just had to show them off. Thank you, sweetheart!

p.s. - She knits really beautiful handbags, too, as Kath can attest.


Emma said...

They are gorgeous. Handknitted socks are the best!

TJ said...

I want some!!! Damn those are great! I knit but haven't mastered turns yet, I can knit you a full blown 4 lane highway as far as you want it to go. I do make pillows laughing.
You can set on my deck any day girlfriend! Wouldn't that be great!!

emmapeelDallas said...

Oh, it would be great. We could sit out there and KNIT, together...and I'd be knitting another 4 lane highway, right beside you, because Alex learned to do all that intricate, beautiful stuff on her own.


Paige said...

Very nice. Popped over from Living in a dream.

G-Man said...

Awesome socks!

Tammy said...

Wow, You go Alex! Judi, you must try the "Where am I From" writing challange on my blog. It was fun!

Take a picture of a handbag :)


Ken Verheecke said...

There's nothing like a GOOD pair of comfy socks!!! Of course woven with the strains of love and family makes them even BETTER!!!

Lisa :-] said...

Yep...those are awesome. Knitting is not one of my talents, but I envy people who can do it well. Looks like Alex qualifies.

dreaminglily said...

Omg they are so cool lol I can crochet but I can't knit for the life of me :o/

Pretty pretty, talented woman lol


TJ said...

Yup...I am ok.They are just leaving no stone unturned since i have already had cancer.
Thank god for insurance. I am not worried...love ya,
PS. It is cold and rainy all week...wanna give me those socks!!! I love them..laughing.

Melissa said...

Love the socks!!! Just looking at them makes me want to curl up on the couch wearing them while I read. Except these damn hot flashes would have me ripping them off and putting them back on every 20 minutes. Enjoy them!


Mrs. L said...

Love the socks!!! Love the story about Chris' car and the garage guy even more.