Monday, September 04, 2006

a lazy Labor Day weekend...

Ahhhh, labor day. A is off on another of his long soujourns: London/Croatia/Slovenia/Trieste/Venice/Paris/Chartres/Rouen, etc., etc. According to the itinerary he sent out before leaving, he's cruising on the Croatian coast today, and I opted not to do the traditional family labor day barbecue in his absence. A good thing, too, as it's rained all day, and here in Texas, where we've suffered a drought for all of this long, hot summer, that rain is welcome.

So I got up late, this morning, for me...9:30-ish...and had a civilized breakfast by myself, on my patio (see pic above - those are freshly cut chives on top of the cream cheese on that bagel). I like the soft grey light of a rainy day, and spent a little time on the patio, reading some Bukowski, (Factotum, which is excellent, and now a
film starring Matt Dillon), as I enjoyed my leisurely breakfast. If you don't know Bukowski, I highly recommend him, for both his prose and his poetry.

It's been a fairly productive weekend for me. I got the genie on my garage door functioning again, among other things. I'm grilling a steak for dinner, and steaming a little spaghetti squash, and I bought some pork chops at Central Market for my dinner tomorrow night that are presently soaking in a marinade that I made a little while ago. Not very exciting, I know, but good stuff, nevertheless. Happy Labor Day.


Tammy said...

I wish I knew you were home I would have called...damn. We had a slow day too :) Enjoy your BBQ


Theresa Williams said...

I learned so much about writing by reading Bukowski's poems. Glad you had a nice, lazy day. Wish I could have shared that steak with you: I love steak.

emmapeelDallas said...

I wish you could have been here to share it, Theresa. I would have enjoyed that very much.


Erin said...

I enjoy Bukowski's poems, as well. I think they help to remind me to keep my own poetry basic and real--to cut out the fluff.

Sounds like a lovely day!