Sunday, December 31, 2006

Thoughts on New Year's Eve

I should be painting my bathroom, but....I think I may have carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand, a disorder I tended to dismiss as psychiatric in origin until, of course, it happened to me. It started gradually. One day a couple of months ago I hopped into my car and grabbed the stick to shift, only to experience an excruciating, piercing sensation in the center of my hand the moment I made contact with the top of the stick. Lest I forget, it continued to happen pretty much every time after that, and then the pain traveled on up through my wrist and into my arm, and down into my fingers...but this is boring stuff, it even bores me, and it’s my hand that hurts. Suffice it to say, I’m wearing a splint as I type this...but I digress.

I should be painting my bathroom, addition to the problems with my right hand, it’s New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve, and in a couple of hours, I’ll be sitting in a small church, listening to the Bach Society perform all 6 of the Brandenburg Concertos. First, they’ll play the first, third and fifth concertos on wonderful antique instruments, which can be perused up close to my heart’s content at intermission, after which the sixth, fourth and second concertos will be played. Oh, I absolutely love those concertos, and I look forward to this concert all year!

I should be painting my bathroom, but...I’ve been thinking about all of the things I want to accomplish or at least explore in the coming year, and an essential part of that process is writing out my thoughts. My resolutions, yes, but also my aspirations. I’ll tell you something funny. Not ha-ha funny, but weird funny. Last year, I made out a list of things I wanted to achieve in the coming year, and, having been unemployed for about a year at that time, of course, finding a job was number 1 on my list. Well, not only did I find a job, but in reviewing the list a few weeks ago, to my surprise, I realized that I’ve knocked off quite a few of the things that I put on my list. Not all, by any means, but it was a pretty steep list. So of course, I’m going to write another list of things that I’d like to achieve this year. I’m at a point in my life where some things are looming large, e.g., selling my house and maybe even leaving Texas. I don’t know if I want to do that, but I want to explore my possibilities.

I should be painting my bathroom, but...shoot, I’m just going to add it to my list. Odds are, by this time next year, it’ll be done. Happy New Year everyone!


Wenda said...

Judi ~ sorry about the pain, pleased about the pleasure, good wishes for the new year's list and the new year...

Paul said...

I'd love to see those antique instruments before mine becomes an antique. Happy New Year, Judi.

Desiree said...

LOL I moved into my place three years ago and still haven't painted anything I had planned to. Maybe this year!

Lisa :-] said...

Paul is so gross...! :)

Happy New Year, Judi! Nice to see that more than one of us old relics have seen some real progress in the past year.

All the best in 2007! :-]

dreaminglily said...

Just don't paint it purple. My grandma made me paint her laundry room purple once. I still don't like purple that much lol

Sorry about your wrist Judi. I hope you feel better soon! I know it hurts, I've had very mild episodes of it.

Much love, and a very happy new year!