Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sunday afternoon wiring project...

Aaaarrggghhh, I LOATHE electrical work, and yet I have to admit, I’m very glad that I’m capable of doing the simple stuff myself. Sunday afternoon, as part of my Master Bath Remodeling Project, I decided to replace two GFCI’s (ground fault circuit interrupters, for those of you who aren’t into home repairs). A GFCI prevents severe or fatal shocks by monitoring the electrical current and tripping the circuit if it senses an imbalance, thereby interrupting the flow of electricity through a human to the ground, or through an animal to the ground, for that matter. PETA alert: Early GFCI's were tested on unfortunate pigs in swimming pools, because their skin is similar to ours...however, although they may have been tested on pigs, in my house, the GFCI's are limited to preventing severe shocks in humans...

I’ve installed GFCI’s before, and it should have taken me about 20 minutes to replace two of them.

It took longer, for reasons I won’t go into here, but...eventually...voila! The little green light means all is well.

And afterward, thinking of the money I saved doing it myself, I went for a much-needed manicure...


Tammy said...

Look at you! I loved the manicure with the purple ;) Dave had a hellish time replacing corroded fixtures...grrr


Lisa :-] said...

Aren't you the multi-talented little minx?

I don't do electrcity, but my dh loves to play with it.

Chris said...

Good on you!

I hate doing electrical work also, only because it makes me nervous. The next least favorite it plumbing.

Wood is fine. I like doing floors, trim, whatever

Are you going to test the circuit by dropping a blow dryer in it:)

Have a great weekend!
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