Wednesday, May 07, 2008

a full day...

1. I was up, functioning, and online at 7:10, because I'm telecommuting while my shower gets rebuilt.
2. I transferred money from savings into Mike's bank account to subsidize his trip to Hungary this month.
3. I transferred money from savings into my checking account so I'll be able to pay for the shower remodel.
4. I bit the bullet and scheduled a guy to come repair the icemaker on my refrigerator, which has been out so long that I can't remember when it last worked. A couple of years ago I figured out a solenoid needs replacing, and there was a time that I'd have tackled that myself, but no more. The interesting thing about scheduling this repair, to me, is that I did it online, without ever speaking a word to anyone.
5. At 9AM, I participated in an hour long conference call with my counterparts on the west coast and in Europe. I was particularly glad I did this, as no one else from Texas was on that call, an irony not lost on me (the lone telecommuter).
6. I called and scheduled Terminix to come back, having discovered a mud tube on an outside corner of the fireplace that they missed when they did the annual inspection a few weeks ago.
7. I called and scheduled a meeting with the landscape architect, who's going to show me his ideas for my back yard (which will remain theoretical until I can afford to implement them).
8. I spotted a ruby-throated chameleon cleverly disguised as part of the chain on one of the pots of petunias on my patio...meaning instead of his usual gorgeous chartreuse he was brown. I documented this.

9. I inadvertently managed to get my lawn cut. There was a crew from one of the big companies cutting the grass next door, and I went out and asked how much they'd charge to do my yard. The guy quoted exactly what my regular guy charges, so I said, "OK, never mind," thinking if the price were the same, I'd rather pay an individual than a big company. I went back to my computer only to hear a lawnmower that sounded much closer than my neighbor's yard...and that's because it was right outside my dining room windows; they'd gone ahead and started doing my lawn anyway. So I paid the company instead of the individual...and the yard does look good.
10. I met with the plumber, who installed the ceramic valve and extended the height of the pipe on which the shower head is mounted, from it's previous 66" to 75".
11. I discussed the tile layout with the tile guy, and also reviewed where I want crosspieces placed between the studs, for grab bars and for mounting one of the medicine cabinets on the other side of the shower.
12. I spent about half an hour this evening working on the narrow border filled with monkey grass outside the front door. I'm changing out the landscape timbers with bricks.
13. I spent a few minutes admiring the 5 month old granddaughter of one of my neighbors.
14. I had dinner with another neighbor, who took me away from working on my flowerbeds to share fajitas with him at Chili's.

And more remodeling pics...1st, the new valve; 2nd - water damage; 3rd - countertop clutter...boy, am I glad I didn't already have the marble countertop installed in there.


Lisa :-] said...

Cute lizard! My cats would go crazy if we had those around. They already almost jump out of their catsuits trying to "play" with the hummingbirds outside my family room window.

You get entirely too much done when you telecommute. You're supposed to be lounging around the house in your jammies...! ;)

Tammy said...

I wish you could telecommute much more Judi. ;) What a productive day!


Theresa Williams said...

Very busy day! One thing I miss about living in Ohio are the lizards. They are fascinating creatures to me. I appreciated your recent stop at my blog. Have you ever been to Provincetown?