Monday, September 21, 2009

a dark and stormy night...

There's an amazing thunderstorm going on outside right now, but I'm inside, cozy with my cat. Ike is no fan of storms, and he's close by. I've lit some candles in anticipation of losing power. So far that hasn't happened here, although A, who lives about a mile south of me, called a few minutes ago to say that he's lost power at his place. I have always loved storms, and to be inside, cozy, while the thunder claps and rain falls hard outside, is one of my favorite kinds of evenings. In the meantime, I've made myself a salad of mixed field greens, walnuts, goat cheese and dried cranberries, and I've tossed it with balsamic vinaigrette, and I'm going to eat that, by candlelight if necessary, with a glass of red wine to accompany it while I listen to a little music and enjoy this rainy night.

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