Friday, February 24, 2006

Scalzi's Friday Frivolity Part IV: Train Cake

John's question: Have you ever gotten ambitious with a cake? Do you have photographic evidence? If so, you should post it and leave a link.

This is the Train Cake that I baked for Mike & Chris for their 3rd birthday and, because they liked it so much they requested it again, also their 4th birthday. I baked the cake in small loaf pans to make each of the cars, and I made the train with two engines, because each boy wanted an engine (of course). I used non-pareils for the wheels and licorice for the tracks, and although I've made a lot of interesting birthday cakes over the years, this was hands down the boys' favorite cake, ever.


Marika said...

Fantastic! What lucky boys they were.

My mother once made me an enchanted castle cake for my 7th birthday - a big square idea with inverted ice cream cones as turrets. I thought I was the luckiest girl on earth...

dreaminglily said...

Aww... That is so cool... I wish my mom had gotten that creative lol I'm going to have a creative cake for my 19th now lol You've made me want to lol ;op


TJ said...

If that just isn't the coolest ever!!
How cool they must have thought that was...gosh I never dreamed of such a cake. LOL
Love it!

Gannet Girl said...

I don't think I knew you had twin boys, too. I miss those days of birthday cakes -- they used to each decorate their own, with often astonishing results.

Mia said...

Ah, that brings back fond memories - I made that same cake for my godsons 3rd birthday, we filled up all possible parts up with sweets - one of those times I was very glad to be 'just' god mum and able to go home long before the sugar high hit its peak!
Thanks for your comments left at my place.

Tammy said...

Too cute! I think the crayons were perfect. I made an Elmo cake once, but my albums are up high and very heavy. Very creative!