Saturday, March 11, 2006

Patrick's Saturday Six, Episode 100

Saturday Six - Episode 100

Cat: If you could trade places with one person in your family for a week, who would you choose? And would you want to trade as they are now, or sometime in the past (or future)? There is absolutely no one in my family with whom I’d trade places for a week, ever...but, outside my family...if I could time travel, I’d happily be Mark Twain for a week, or Maria Callas.
De: What were you doing 1 year ago this month, and are you more or less satisfied with your life today? One year ago this month I was trying to get my son Christopher to finish high school by literally driving him to and from alternative school and spending a lot of one on one time with him on math homework each day. Halleujah, it worked, he graduated. I’d have to say that I’m less satisfied with my life right now.
Lisa: Do you prefer watching television over surfing the internet? No, I prefer surfing the net. I think the quality of television is pretty poor. I’ve never watched Desperate Housewives, or American Idol or The Apprentice or even Survivor...all shows that a lot of my friends talk about, but I’m just not interested and can’t get excited about most tv shows.
Antonette: Outside of the U.S., where would you live and why? I think New Zealand would be high on my list, because I’ve heard it’s gorgeous.
Elton: When you leave your home, do you ever feel paranoid that you've left something behind? No, I don’t feel paranoid that I’ve left something behind, but sometimes I worry that I’ve left something on that should be off, e.g., a burner on the stove, etc. We had a bad house fire 3 years ago that started with an electrical short in a fan, so this is not entirely paranoia on my part, to worry a bit about this happening again.
Laura: What song or songs would you want played at your own funeral and why? This one makes me smile. First of all, I don’t want a funeral. I want to be cremated, and after that, I’m fine with a memorial service, with good music. Years ago I made a deal with one of my best friends that among other things, I want Ravel’s Pavane for a Dead Princess played at my memorial service. It’s absolutely glorious music, and maybe because I’m no princess (but my friend, technically, is), the irony of having that music played appeals to me.


TJ said...

I wasn't certain what the music was so I looked it up and listened. You are right, it is a very beautiful song. I am certain I have never heard it.
Thanks for sharing that.

Gannet Girl said...

I'm going to go listen to everyone's music later today! And I would say that anyone who drives her son to and from his last year of school and does math with him so he can graduate is most definitely a princess. AND...New Zealand sounds great. That question was a tough one LOL!

emmapeelDallas said...

Oh, I feel good, reading your comments, thank you, guys!



Tammy said...

I'm with TJ on the song. :) Less satisfied than last year? Awww Judi, you have such a free spirit, I have great hopes for you this year!

I loved this!

Love ya

Tina said...

I could relate to more than one of your answers. I remember going through that " whatever it takes to get him to graduate" thing with my son. Thank goodness, that is behind me ! And, as far as TV is concerned ... I don't watch it, either. Oh, it's not that I wouldn't, it's just that I can't seem to find anything worth watching these days, so I just dont bother. Oh,..... New Zealand sounds wonderful, doesn't it ! Tina

Marika said...

Great answers!

Fear of leaving a household appliance on is my singular greatest fear, and it borders on paranoia. I once feigned illness to leave work in the middle of the day because I thought I'd accidentally left the plug in the kitchen sink and the tap dripping, and that throughout the day the sink would fill up, overflow, short circuit the fridge at the plug, which would then catch fire and burn the house down. Of course, everything was fine!

I'm not trying to trivialise the danger, but I'm terrified that this will actually happen one day.

And you must make sure you call in to Australia on your way home...we're like New Zealand, but bigger and with better bars.

TJ said...

Missing you...just popped over to check on you.

your favorite daughter said...

Make your funeral plans with family not friends, or it's a/c dc's "i've got big balls" and beastie boys "fight for your right to party" for a service I am resenting to plan. Stop growing older mother. I expect you to be here forever you know. My conspiracy continues...

Paul said...

Well, Princess, I'll guess you'll have to settle for the samba master. New Englaqnd and Texas are so far apart.