Thursday, April 05, 2007

ice cream, love with the proper stranger, & other temptations...

Andy (Lost In Middle America, or simply Ab on my list of favorite bloggers, check him out) has written a terrific essay on making choices.

Temptation is, indeed, present everywhere, but I have to admit, until recently, I’ve been pretty successful at compartmentalizing my guilty pleasures. For example, although eating a pint of Cherry Garcia and having unsafe sex are similar in some ways...they’re both physical pleasures, and (like most physical pleasures), both tend to seem like a great idea in the heady moments of anticipation prior to indulging in either of them...they’re also very different in some ways: e.g., the possible repercussions of occasionally eating too much ice cream are very different from the possible repercussions of having unsafe sex, even once. (And yeah, I admit I’ve done both and managed to have no regrets in the morning, what does that say about me? Other than that I’ve been lucky, I mean...)

I loved Edna St. Vincent Millay’s
“My candle burns at both ends” from the moment I first read it, and I felt the same about Kerouac’s words: “The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time...”
And then there’s Langston Hughes: "She lived in sinful happiness and died in pain...she laughed in sunshine and danced in rain...”

In many ways, those poems were a sort of mantra for me, and yet...I’ve always thought there was a world of difference between Delbert McClinton belting out,
"I feel an old weakness, coming on strong..." and TS Eliot's cool words, "Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go..."

But is there?


ab said...

Seems we're good at making the other think. That's complimentary. I like it a lot. Comparing sex and ice cream....I suppose there are times they can go together too, and have. Thanks for being so frank, and saying it the way I wish I would have.

Maybe not a world of difference between McClinton and Eliot, but McClinton's way of saying it suggests a fear, knowing he's going to give in, while Eliot wants to embrace the ride to the edge.

I think I'm wired to go to the edge every now and then, even as I age and am aware of the consequences.

You flatter me Judi.

Today I'm excited because I have time to go to the library and check out Lucinda William's CD. Will be loaded on the iPod post haste. Your reccomendation is enough, then there's the 16 or so reviews of her work on the iTMS that make her sound like the male counterpart to Steve Earle.

BTW, who is the local DFW country/rock/folk singer who can sell out about any venue in the area? I saw him in a parking lot in FW 6 years ago on a Friday night. Very talented, a local legend....and boy did I feel out of place in boat shoes, 501's and a button down shirt. Shame I don't do the cowboy boot thing. Would love to know his name. Probably can't remember because I'm good at blocking, or compartmentalizing things deep in the recesses, only to be brought out by environmental triggers, like, ...pollen. lol

TJ said...

{{ sitting here nodding my head up and down }}
Thank you..for the spark.
Peace TJ