Saturday, November 24, 2007

What I Did Today

I've stolen this exercise from one of my favorite writers and fellow bloggers, Theresa Williams. Check her out if you haven't already done so.

1. I slept in until a little after 10:00. This is highly unusual for me, but as it was a little after 4:00 when I went to bed last night, I don’t feel too guilty about it.
2. I took Mike to meet A for breakfast at Bagelstein’s.
3. I spent some time looking at art on eBay.
4. I called The Nasher to accept an invitation that I received for a reception on November 30th.
5. I took Mike to The Nasher, where we had a late lunch before perusing the Gaston Lachaise exhibit (which was terrific).
6. I took Mike for a quick walk through the DMA, where we looked at a Rothko and a Pollock before heading home.
7. In anticipation of having my pool removed, I looked at the portfolios of half a dozen local landscape architects on the net (and despaired a little; none of them appears to have done work for families with yards like mine, which happens to be significantly smaller than a football stadium...).
8. I joined Mike, Chris and Anthony for our traditional post-holiday family flick. We went to see the Coen brothers latest film, No Country for Old Men (based on Cormac McCarthy’s book of the same title, said title taken from the first line of Yeats’ poem, Sailing to Byzantium). An excellent, if incredibly grim, film.
9. I prepared a quick late night supper of Thanksgiving leftovers for Anthony, Mike and me which we ate sitting around my kitchen table.
10. I accepted my brother Dave’s invitation to be his friend on Facebook.


Theresa Williams said...

These lists are helpful to writer and reader. I'm glad you've started doing them. It does give shape to one's day and brings out elements of our days that are too easy to forget. I was very moved to read Ianthe Brautigan's memoir of her father. She quoted some of Richard's lists of things he did during his day. Things like: I bought Ianthe the waffle iron that she wanted.

Chris said...

You are having your pool removed???

What happened, did Katharine make you get it taken out because of the skinny dipping episode last year? (Running and ducking as Judi throws things)

emmapeelDallas said...


Thanks so much for telling me that. As I mentioned to you, I really love reading your lists, and it occurred to me that this would be very good for me to do. Just writing the first list did exactly what you've said...gave some shape to the day, and also helped me to remember small things I would otherwise surely have forgotten. Also (and this is no small thing) it will please my brother Dave, who's been on my case (and rightly so) for my sparse postings since I accepted that boring yet strangely demanding job.


(throwing pots & pans your direction before settling down to write)...


yes, I'm biting the bullet and having the pool removed. Eventually, I'll post before and after pics. As a native northerner, and one who grew up rather poor, to boot, I loved having a pool, and we used and enjoyed it for years as a family. However, the pool is now almost 30 years old, and to properly restore it would cost...well, considerably more than I'm willing or able to spend. So it's coming OUT, starting next Tuesday, weather permitting...

more later.

emmapeelDallas said...
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Jan said...

This is an interesting exercise, which also would help me to journal more regularly. Thank you, Theresa and EmmaPeel.

It was fun to look at your links and then REALIZE that going to Dallas to see these places is a concrete possibility for me! Yay!

Glad you wrote about the movie--I've been wondering about seeing it. Though the "grim" adjective is a little forbidding.