Sunday, April 13, 2008

spinning my wheels...

What I've Done This Weekend...

1. On Friday night I had dinner with A and an old friend from Chicago at Mia's.
2. Saturday morning I completed the final draft of a resume for someone who's hired me to do that for her.
3. On Saturday I had lunch with Chris, who was sick; chills, fever and sore throat. Not strep (the doctor checked), but still, too sick to go up to Indiana with his brother and Jon for the little 500, and (as he reminded me) it was eerily similar to the Indian Guides camping trip that Jon and Mike got to go on in kindergarten but Chris had to miss because of strep...sooooooooo...just as he did when he was five, Chris hung out with me, but instead of getting to inspect a firetruck firsthand as he did when he missed that camping trip, this time I took him to Blue Mesa for a bowl of tortilla soup, which is the best cure I know of for general upper respiratory crud...
4. I picked up refills and dropped off a script for myself - I need to sign up for an online pharmacy. I loathe going to the pharmacy...
5. I put in a flat of liriope outside the back fence. This was a lot more work than I thought it was going to be, and I've done it before so I should have known, involved carrying a zillion landscaping stones out of the side yard, where I dumped them prior to having the pool removed last fall, and schlepping them back to the driveway, where once again I used them to create a raised bed. Then it was another quick trip to Home Depot for more gardening soil; I put in a little over 6 cubic feet, plus the twenty liriope plants, plus mulch. It looks good, though, and I'm glad I got it done before it gets really hot.
6. I potted my front deck bougainvillea. Every year I put a pot of magenta bougainvillea on the corner of the small deck outside my front door, where the sun bakes down mercilessly, causing the bougainvillea to bloom prolifically, and it always cheers me up to walk outside and see it there.
7. I had the batteries replaced on two watches.
8. I got new cartridges for my printer.
9. I ordered a new range hood for the kitchen.

So why do I feel as if I haven't accomplished anything?


Lisa :-] said...

Sounds like a lot to ME... Wish I had the time and energy to do some gardening work. Might have done it this afternoon is the weather hadn't turned suddenly cold and windy. So I took a nap instead... ;)

TJ said...

R U kidding me?
Sounds like a perfect day to me and now to wait for all the color.
Me, nothing...physical therapy today and I am scared to death. This shoulder has me on a tight rope.
Post pictures when all is in bloom...I did buy 1/2 dozen cut sunflowers for the table.

Fran said...

My hope is that I have even half of an unproductive day today as you had this weekend! As I was reading, I was thinking I needed to get off the computer and get productive. I am always impressed by what you have accomplished.

Tammy said...

I can't believe Chris missed it...bummer!!!!!!!!

What no pictures?

Dave is always doing something but ends each weekend with that same question. lol

You guys kill me! lol XXOO

ASearchInTime said...

Just passing by. Sounds like you have been busy. As some would say "you done good!". I envy your warm weather and being able to plant outdoors already; we can't put anything out till mid-May. Have a good week.

Take care,
See ya, Barry