Sunday, November 02, 2008

What I Did This Weekend...

1. I schlepped 16 bags of jungle trimmings from the back yard to the curb, as this is the week for Bulky Trash Pickup. I'd trimmed, raked, and bagged that cache a couple of weekends ago.
2. I potted some more pansies out front and out back. Pansies were a summer flower in my childhood, but they're winter flowers here in Texas.
3. I framed in the extension to the cabinet in the guest bathroom, where I'm raising the countertop by almost 4".

4. I repotted my banana leaf plant, a formidable task as it's in a 20 gallon pot, but this was absolutely necessary as Ike, the cat I've been fostering, had decided he preferred to...ahem...relieve himself in the jungle, as it were, rather than use the pristine litter box with which he'd previously been quite content. He's also climbed up inside the fireplace a few times. A new home is in his future, for sure.
5. I had lunch with Katharine at a Salvadoran restaurant we both like.
6. Kath stopped by with Xander, and we did a swap: I gave Xander my leftover Halloween candy, and he gave me some yoga lessons (he's SIX!).


Fran said...

I think your swap with Xander was pretty fair!


Lisa :-] said...

Quite the weekend! Lots of donkey work. I'm sure your yard looks the better for it.