Sunday, January 03, 2010

pants on fire...NOT!

Brenden to the X-Man (age 7): "Hey buddy, I noticed you took the reading lamp from your lower bunk out of the bed and put it on the floor and plugged it in and turned it on there. It's OK to have the lamp on the floor, but a pair of your underpants was lying on top of the lit lamp, and that's not OK, because that could start a fire..."

To which the X-Man responded indignantly, "But Dad, I was CHARGING them!"

When we stopped laughing, Kath explained they're glow in the dark shorts...


Chris said...


That is going to be the plane bomber or attempted plane bomber's excuse. He was just charging his glow in the dark shorts!

Lisa :-] said...

He knew exactly what he was doing... LOL!