Saturday, September 10, 2005


Chris, my youngest child (younger than Mike by 2 minutes), officially moved out on Saturday, into an apartment.

This is a momentous occasion; it means that for the first time in over 29 years, I don't have a child living at home. My oldest daughter, Alex, lives in Chicago; my next daughter, Katharine, is married and lives about 10 minutes away; Mike is a freshman at the University of Arizona; and Chris (who's working as a locksmith) has moved into an apartment that's also about 10 minutes away from me, but in the opposite direction from Kath.

My friends know that I adore my kids and am very close to them. Many of my friends have been asking how I feel about having my last child leave home; in hushed voices, they've asked if I'm feeling "empty nest syndrome".

To everyone who might be wondering...there is one word that comes to mind on this momentous occasion...HALLELUJAH!



Robin said...

LOL one of my friends and I have been talking about how so far we are enjoying this new phase of life. We aren't quite as far along as you, as our youngest have just left for college, and mine's departure was mostly the hurricane trauma of coming home and leaving again but still -- I see the possibilities!

Robin said...

PS: My two OLDEST are also two minutes apart!

V said...



memes121 said...

LOL! Woo hoo too!

Judith said...

: )



dornbrau said...

I eagerly await the day I can share in your joy.

Marc said...

may you savor this new sensation as much as you have savored having all your children with you!

Peace and Warmth

~~~Marc :)

Lily said...

::gasp:: All alone... at last lol Is the quiet frightening? lol ;op

Happy Empty Nest! lol


Jackie said...

I wish I could feel that way! Mine are all gone except for my youngest (by about 3 minutes from her brother), Gina. She still lives at home with me, and I am perfectly content with her staying that way. I suffer with empty nest syndrome bad!! I love my kids being around me. I'm like a freakin' mother hen! I hate it! lol
Maybe it's because I am divorced, and don't date. Yeah.. That's probably it.. :/


emmapeeldallas said...

LOL! Wellllllll...if I didn't have two of mine living within a few minutes of me, I might feel differently, but this is the best of all possible worlds - I see and/or talk with all of them regularly and the house stays picked up...