Sunday, September 25, 2005


OK, I've been tagged by Mrs. L. This is payback because I recently tagged her, and fair is fair...sooooooo, here are the rules:

1) Go to your journal's archives.
2) Find the 23rd post.
3) Find the 5th sentence in that post.
4) Post that sentence with these instructions.
5) Tag five more people.

My 23rd post was called
"The Lady of Shallott, or Why I Blog"

The fifth sentence says: "To my delight, my shrink (unlike most shrinks I know, and having worked in a department of psychiatry, I know quite a few) was no slouch when it came to literature...she was well read...and she could give as good as she got, which I enjoyed very much."

I tag:




and nzforme


V said...



Judith said...

Ah yes, "The Lady of Shallott, or Why I Blog." One of my favorites!


Lily said...

;o) lol I've done it already, bwahaha, safe at last from a tagging lol

(Sorry I'm here randomly, my alerts are being odd.)


Paul said...

That was a great post. You and your cursed lady, sitting by her loom, gazing into a looking glass, weaving what she could of life into her tapestry.

Sierrajazz said...

I so enjoyed that entry when I first read it... and was very grateful to be introduced to that poem... I learn so much from you Judi... you always have such interesting things to share.

Theresa said...

Ha! That sentence is fantastic! It looks like a great first sentence to a short story! For sure, I'd want to read on!!!!

monponsett said...

I remember that mine was sexual, so I slept on this tag.