Monday, September 12, 2005

Monday morning kitchen

OK, I know there are LOTS more important things going on in the world than this, but indulge me...this is what my kitchen looked like last night when I went to bed and, amazingly, it looked the same this morning when I got up! If you don't have children living with you, this will probably just look like an ordinary photo, but...please note...since I no longer have anyone living with me...there's NOTHING on the table except a bowl of apples...the table is CLEAN - no pizza boxes, Coke bottles, tv remotes, take-out containers, etc., etc.

I LOVE my kids but boy, have I been tired of cleaning up after them...*sigh*

I am one happy woman.


Lily said...

lol you have a nice kitchen, and no I'm not kidding, I'm serious lol

I'm sure my mom will feel that way too lol Well... that is if it weren't for my dad lol He's worse than me lol


emmapeeldallas said...

;p you'll notice I did say there's no one living with me...I'm sure it wouldn't be so pristine if there were...

Jackie said...


This is my first time here, and I just wanted to say hello, and that I plan on adding you to my alerts. I've sat here and read a few of your entries, and I like it! :) I got the link from Ann7Florida's journal.

I know what you mean about the difference between having kids in your house to make a mess, and not having them around. Mine are all gone, except for my 21 year old daughter, and she is a neat freak like me, so the house stays clean and tidy all the time. Just the way I like it. And, I'm a Gemini... not a Virgo.. lol

Take care.. :)

Ann said...

I wouldn't know how this feels... :(

Love your kitchen!

memes121 said...

I don't have kids but I have two cats. I know where you are coming from.

Robin said...

I can't quite imagine this. Not yet.

Sue said...

girl, wish i were in them shoes, right now!! can totally relate!! oh, found ya at tina's place ... luvvin' yer brain works, here !!


sierrajazz said...

And you should be happy... very happy... this is a miracle especially if you have teens around!! Enjoy it!!!