Sunday, October 02, 2005

happy Sunday

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Menopause is a bitch. My entire life I've weighed around a hundred pounds, until, if I even THINK of chocolate, it seems I gain weight, and as I'm just 5'3", a few pounds go a loooooooonnnggg I'm back on the Southbeach diet, which works, and works relatively painlessly.

With that in mind, this afternoon I was driving to Central Market to pick up ingredients for a healthy dinner sans chocolate (but I'm not giving up red wine) when suddenly Katharine (my second-born) appeared beside me in the store. Have I mentioned that I love that she and Brenden moved back here from California a little over a year ago? First we went to Starbuck's and had coffee; then we sat for an hour or more outside Central Market and talked, just for the pleasure of having each other's company. She mentioned that they have disconnected the tv because Alexander (my grandson, who's just turned 3) wants to watch too much tv, and, that being the case (the television disconnected), Brenden, my son-in-law, was going to a friend's house tonight to watch a football game. "Well then, come to dinner at my house, you and Alexander!" I said, and so they did.

I fixed grilled pork chops, spaghetti squash, green beans, and a tomato salad with mozzarella, fresh basil and olive oil...and Kath and I polished off one and a half bottles of red wine, and talked for hours...and Alexander had two fudgsicles for desert. He also played with legos, and we spent some time drawing, and then the three of us watched Bambi together from my mile-high four-poster bed.

It was a terrific Sunday night, and I am so glad that they live close enough and that we enjoy each other's company enough that we are able to spontaneously do this.


Donna said...

How great that you can spend such quality time with your daughter. I have enjoyed being back in TX with my own two children after almost six years apart. My daughter and I appreciate the time we have together even more now.


Billie said...

it sounds like a fabulous time. my mom and i are that close, but she lives in another state. i can get together with my Gram and have coffee and hang for a time... there is always a new story. it's the best way to get the news about anything new in the family. lol


V said...



Pam said...

Great day.

Menopause weight gain is the pits. But, gee, you can wear white pants with no worries, just 'cause they're a few sizes bigger......

Lily said...

Aww... That's so wonderful. Sounds absolutely perfect. :o)


Jackie said...

Menopause! Ahhh... I know it well! I always look so forward to all those night sweats, and hot flashes, or as I prefer to call them, "My own personal summers!"
I'm not a big chocolate person, so I don't have to worry too much about that, but I do have to watch what I eat! I'm 5'3 too! WE are short stuff compared to these tall girls nowadays! lol


cneinhorn said...

Yeah...menopause. I figure I'm peri-menapausal. Weighed about 100lbs most of my life too. Until I had Caleb at 36. What happened to my metabolism? I'm 4'10 so 1lb on me looks like 5lbs.

Oh...I miss being closer to my family. I would love to just run into one of them. I do love AZ, but I wish I could pack them all up and move them out here with me. Sigh.

Theresa said...

Well, I can't really speak of menopause, since I got cheated out of it by my surgery. I had instant menopause! Not a nice feeling at all. I also gained a lot of weight just after the surgery. I lost it, gained it back again, lost it, and am equalizing (but on the way back up) now! Oh it's a tough road. When I married at 18, I was 120 pounds. And I stayed that way into my late 30's. Even after three children I weighed 135 pounds or less (I am 5'5"). I'm more or less getting used to being a bit chunkier. I might as well, I guess. Good luck with your upsie-downsie weight. It comes with the territory of getting older, I'm afraid.