Wednesday, October 26, 2005

VIVI Nominations

In case you hadn't heard, I've been nominated for a VIVI Award in the category of Best AIM Journal.WOO HOO! THANK YOU! I am soooooo happy and honored to be nominated. I called my journal Talking to Myself because I truly didn't know if I'd have any readers (other than a few friends and family), not only have readers, but to have readers who like my journal enough to nominate me, when there are so many excellent journals out there...that's truly an honor, and I want to thank you, everyone of you, who voted for me in the nominations. I'm going to steal a line from one of my favorite writers, Jodi (Have You Lost Your Mind/Looking Beyond the Cracked Window), who said, "being nominated is just as if I had won". She's right, and I couldn't have said it better (which is why I'm stealing her line, giving her credit, of course). ;p

Congratulations to EVERYONE who was nominated, in all categories...and if you’re reading this and weren’t nominated this year, well, congratulations to you too, because nominated or not, all of us are writers...every one of us who takes the time to put our thoughts on paper, for ourselves and anyone who might come across our words...

Here’s a link to the other journals in my category as well as a link to the VIVI Awards page.


Talking to Myself - emmapeeldallas :))
The Daily Snooze II - hewasolddog299
The Light's On...But No One's Home - krspkrmmom
Living Life...and Lovin It - chseroo

The polls are now open and you'll have until 11:59pm this Sunday to cast your vote for the journals you feel deserve the top honors in each category (or as many categories as you wish to vote for), so click on the link and vote (and thank you, thank you, thank you).


Donna said...

What did I tell you? I am patting myself on the back that I can recognize quality and knew you deserved a nomination. Best of luck!!


emmapeelDallas said...

Thanks so much. I truly am honored, because I love to write, and to have this recognition from my peers makes me very very happy.


Judith said...

Congratulations, again, for your nomination. I'm thrilled to see one of my picks (and faves) come through with a nomination, but you are correct, we are all winners here!



Lily said...

Yay! lol I'm so glad you got the nomination! I voted for you! ^_^


V said...



Tina said...

Way to go, my friend !! Best of luck to you... tina

cneinhorn said...

many congratulations!

Jackie said...

Congrats you deserve it! I gave you a special shout out on my journal, but don't know if you saw it or not!! :)


Shaz said...

Hi Emmapeeldallas !
Well im maybe laptop challenged at the moment (it finally went into the repair shop today sheeesh !) but its not stopping me getting on here to congratulate you and say thanks for everyones comments (im at present sitting once again in a sweaty basement internet coffee shop in a rainy Glasgow ) .
Its sooo true what both you and jouell said ....just being able to write freely in a journal alone is a prize alone i find worthless far less to think people a. actually read it or b. even like it ! hehe
Good luck and hopefully i'll be back soon ! x

Jo said...

Way to go!! You sure are AIMing to entertain folks and you did it WELL! What great photos!! Good luck to you on your journal, and congratulations on your nomination:)


Dawn said...

Great journal. So glad to find you. Good luck with the awards.

Jodi said...

LMAO....Awww WOW That is a really nice thing to say, I am honored!!!
As you deserve the nomination!! It is well deserved as well!!!!! Good Luck...


Chris said...

Congratulations, you deserve it!


Courtenay said...

I was perusing your journal and when I got looked over on your side bar and I was shocked to see my name on your list of favorite sites. Thank you so musch I am trully do not know how excited this makes is like I have ARRIVED! As a writer once said, "You will know when you have "found your voice as an author." I am so excited to be appreciated by a peer; I can barely describe the feeling ...suffice it to say their are tears in my eyes as I write this is an achievement ... not unlike an A+ achieved many years ago in school...Love, Courtenaymphelan