Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy 5th Birthday Xander!

Xander, this is the story of the day you were born.

Your Mom and Dad checked in at Denton Regional Hospital on the afternoon of August 28, 2002, the day before you were born. It was a beautiful, sunny, hot August day. Flowers were blooming, and cicadas were singing in the trees. Uncle Mike, Uncle Chris, and I drove up to Denton from Dallas at about 9:00 that night; Grandpa Kelly arrived at about 10:30; and a little before midnight, Grandpa Anthony arrived, having driven straight through after leaving Denver at noon the day before. We called Aunt Alex in Chicago, and your Mom and Dad called Airplane in California and even though you weren’t born yet, it was already beginning to feel like a birthday party, there in that room.

In a little while, Grandpa Anthony went back to Dallas to sleep, Grandpa Kelly went to your Mom and Dad’s townhouse to try to sleep (but I think he was too excited to do that) and Uncle Mike and Uncle Chris went out to the hospital parking lot, to try to sleep in their car, beneath the starry summer sky.

I slept in my car for a couple of hours (thank goodness for reclining seats) but I went back upstairs at about 5 in the morning. It was Thursday, August 29, 2002, just a few hours before you were born. Your Mom and Dad hadn’t gotten much sleep, and both were awake. Your Mom asked me to rub her back, and your Dad stretched out on a fold-up bed that was too short for him, to try to get a little sleep. Eventually, your Mom asked if I'd mind just snuggling up with her and trying to get a little sleep, too. Of course, I didn’t mind snuggling up with your Mom at all!

I was curled up in bed with your Mom and you (who were still in her belly) and we were all sound asleep at about 8:00 in the morning when your Mom’s doctor came in to check on her. When he saw us all in bed together, he said,
"I know we have a bed shortage, but this is ridiculous!" The doctor examined your Mom to make sure everything was OK (and it was) then the doctor left for his office.

In a very short time, it was clear to all of us that you were going to be born soon. We were all very excited and couldn’t wait to meet you! You burst into the world at exactly 11:00 AM on August 29, 2002. Your umbilicus (a long cord that connected you to your Mom from your belly button before you were born) was wrapped 3 times around your neck, but that was obviously not causing a problem because you began to cry, very loudly, almost immediately. Your Dad cut the cord and a nurse measured you: you weighed 8 lbs. 9oz, and were 20" tall, about the size of Leo, but a lot better looking.

Uncle Mike, Uncle Chris, and Grandpa Kelly had been pacing back and forth in the hallway while you were being born, but they hurried into the room within about 5 minutes of your birth, to meet you. Everyone took turns holding you. Of course, you were crying, and we were all so happy we all cried too. We called Aunt Alex in Chicago, and your Dad called Airplane in California, and he held the phone next to you as you cried so Aunt Alex and Airplane could hear your voice. At about 12:30, Grandpa Anthony arrived. He kissed your Mom, hugged your Dad, held you, and cried.

Later that afternoon, Grandpa Kelly drove back to his place to take care of his chocolate lab, Jane Doe. Grandpa Anthony, Uncle Mike, Uncle Chris and I had a late lunch together, and then we all drove back to Dallas, where all of us took naps.

That evening, Grandpa Anthony and I drove up to Denton to see again. We took turns holding you while your Mom and Dad ate some dinner. You smelled great, and you snuggled up under my chin and made throaty, snuffly little baby sounds, while I rocked you to sleep.

Happy Birthday, Xander!


Jan said...

Happy Birthday, Xander. Thank you for the birth story. I always love these. And I love the picture--all babies need to be so loved by their mothers.

Erin said...

What a fabulous story! :-)

Tammy said...

Goosebumps Judi! Happy Birthday lil man! XXOO

dreaminglily said...

That was so beautiful Judi. I had tears in my eyes. Really felt the joy of that moment.

Happy birthday Xander!


Chris said...

Trevor turned 4 just a few weeks seems....and turned 8 just last weekend. Can some gosh darned body fix the time space continuim?

Happy Labor Day weekend!
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