Saturday, March 01, 2008

What I Did Friday

1. I went to work - of course. But a group of us went to lunch at The Modern where the food was only OK but the surroundings were beautiful and we had a great time. A young coworker e-mailed me in the morning to ask if I was going. I said yes, and recommended she come too, just for the experience of seeing The Modern. She emailed back and said she felt like she was back in high school, because she was willing to go if she could hang with the popular kids. Now that's an honor, to be considered one of the popular kids at 58!
2. I went to the symphony, where I heard another terrific concert: Benjamin Britten's Sinfonia da Requiem and Verdi's Four Sacred Pieces.
3. I read a favorite blog (Lisa - check her out if you haven't done so), who mentions one of my all time favorite choral pieces, Orff's Carmina Burana...and that got me thinking about music, and how it really is my magic carpet, a description I lifted from pianist Paul Sullivan, while reading his wonderful essay, The Cellist of Sarajevo, published in 1996 about events that occurred in 1992, and posted in it's entirety (and well worth reading) by Patrick at his blog.


Lippy said...

I have to say, life has been nice and peaceful in your world of late. I'm going to set some time aside soon for myself, so that I can attend a symphony.

Glad you had a nice Friday :)

Chris said...

That is so funny - - "Hang out with the cool kids".

You didn't give her peer pressure to smoke or drink like the "cool kids" in the after school specials, did you?