Saturday, February 23, 2008

What I Did Today - Saturday, February 23, 2008

1. I got up early and had breakfast at home - fresh orange juice and cereal with raspberries.
2. I replaced the old toilet handle in the master bathroom with a new brushed nickel handle.
3. I scored on eBay - I sniped a bottle of my favorite scent, Chanel 22, which has been discontinued by Chanel and is accordingly hard to find. After not having the winning bid on a 1.7 oz bottle, I scored a 2.5 oz bottle for a little less than half what the smaller bottle went for...go figure.
4. Cleaning my bedroom, I finally found a pair of earrings I've been trying to find for months. I'd stashed them - why do I do this to myself? Now if I can just find the other couple of things I've stashed, and for which I've been looking for some time...
5. I had a quick lunch with A at LaMadeleine - A has the flu and sounds (and feels) terrible.
6. I packed up some books and CD's that Mike asked me to send him, but I'll have to mail the packages next weekend, as Mailboxes Inc., was closed when I got there.
7. I made myself a decent dinner - herbed pork chops and new potatoes.
8. I cleaned the kitchen, including the refrigerator.


Theresa Williams said...

Hey, I lost a pair of earrings a while back, too. Do you s'pose they're in you're bedroom??? LOL!

Fran said...

I need some of your energy!


Lippy said...

You did more in one day than I did in two.

But didn't that Ebay win feel really good? Like that silly commercial they run! Good job. Saved some money too - I'd call that a success :)

Jan said...

You are so energized! Wish I was doing all that cleaning, but obviously, I don't wish it enough. I'm not doing that. Good for you! (and stay healthy)

Tammy said...

Judi, thanks for your well wishes. It's always something! I love finding lost treasures.


Still not better but getting lots of rest.