Sunday, June 15, 2008

Forget Going Private...

Thanks, guys.

I appreciate the comments everyone left, saying they'd like to keep on reading.

I'll admit my knickers were in a knot - my younger brother Dave said he was amused by how mad I clearly was - but after giving it some thought, and discussing it with Dave and a couple of other friends/family, I’ve decided I’m not going private after all. The person upset by some of the things I wrote wasn't someone whom I'd invited to read my words in the first I’ve decided I’ll keep on writing right here and I will, as always, write what I damn well please. And if anyone reading this doesn't like what I write, there’s a very simple solution: stop reading and lose the addy.

Nuff said.

And that said, I guess I'll ease back into the water with a simple, mundane, Things I Did This Weekend

1. I pressure washed the deck outside my front door;
2. I mounted the medicine cabinets in my bathroom - the tile guy discarded the mounting bars, so I had to get new ones before this could be done (thank goodness for the 'net);
3. I put the trim piece on the cabinets in my bathroom;
4. I took A to Adair’s for Father’s Day, where we shared a pitcher of Shiner, had their fabulous cheesburgers, and listened to a bunch of C&W singers jamming on a Sunday afternoon;
5. I put the first coat of stain on the pressure washed deck (pics to follow soon)
6. I did laundry & ironed clothes while watching Father of the Bride (the original black & white) on Turner;
7. I made a big pitcher of ice tea (and the house smells pleasantly of mint).


Tammy said...

Yay! We love hearing from you so just hit delete comment.

We need a new powerwasher BADLY but the last one broke after two uses. I keep telling my hardhead that you get what you pay for. You gotta fork it up! lol

Can't wait to see the finished product. Missed you! HUG

Erin said...

Woohoo! I'm glad you'll still be public! :-)

Jan said...

I've been missing for awhile, but am so glad you decided to keep posting. I so liked "The person upset by some of the things I wrote wasn't someone whom I'd invited to read my words in the first place." Wise words from a wise woman and words I need to take to heart. Thanks.