Monday, June 16, 2008

playing hooky...

I’m playing hooky.

Workaholic that I am, that’s HUGE for me. And what prompted this...deviation from my usual habits? First and foremost, Mike will be at DFW airport this afternoon for a 3-hour layover, from 2:30 until 5:30, on his way back from a month in Europe. I haven't seen him since Christmas, and Anthony and Chris are going to the airport to see him, and I want to go too. I could have gone in very early today (say 5-ish) and worked until 2:00, then headed for the airport, which was my original plan...but when my alarm went off in the wee hours of this morning, my stomach was rocky. Usually when that happens, I just take some OTC stomach med and go on in, but it occurred to work I have nothing scheduled for today, in contrast with the rest of the week, which is hectic, to say the least...and the AC on my car is out, and the temp is supposed to hit 100 this afternoon...need I say more?

So I’m home, playing hooky...and this not-commuting could become addictive...and while I’m at it, here are before & after deck redo pics:


Deck being powerwashed



Tammy said...

Magic! They are the greatest thing but too bad my decks are painted. :(

Enjoy the homecoming! No air in Texas, are you nuts? Telecommute as much as you can. Yuck!


Chris said...

My day of hooky was more fun than yours;)

Water park trumps pressure washing any day of the week!

dreaminglily said...

Wow it looks great! And I'm glad you're still blogging! I'd have missed you.