Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Mike & Chris!

23 years ago tonight you were born. You were approximately two weeks late, so I was very happy to have you finally arrive, albeit by C-section. You were big guys from the start (part of the reason for the Cesarean), weighing in at a whopping 8 pounds each (actually, Mike, you weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces, making you slightly heavier and a full 2 minutes older than Chris). From the beginning, you’ve been best friends, and it makes me smile to think that tonight you're in
Arizona wilderness, celebrating your 23rd birthday together under a starry August sky. Happy Birthday guys! I love you.


Fran said...

I know you are so proud of your guys! Their pictures are so sweet. Congratulations to you, the one who gave them life!


emmapeelDallas said...

Thanks, Fran! I am very proud of them, and I feel so lucky to be their Mom.

Lisa :-] said...

What a couple of hotties! ;)

You done good, Mom. Happy Birthday to your boys!

TJ said...

What a beautiful birthday entry. TWINS! wow what a experience, I enjoyed seeing your pride.
I just can not imagine..truly I can't.
Handsome! VERY...and you look fabulous!
Love TJ

Gannet Girl said...

Since mine will be 24 in 2 more weeks (also late!), I have some very similar pictures! Congratulations and happy birthday yourself!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Judi, I should be so mad at you! After a long draught of not reading any blogs in a long time I revisited yours last night to see what you'd been up to. About 3 hours later at around 3:30 AM I drug myself to bed. VERY HARD to get up this morning! However, I thoroughly enjoyed my reading. You know how the grass is always greener? Well, I want your life. LOL I envy your quiet evenings reading and listening to music and I love the suppers you fix for yourself. The house is looking GREAT. I so wish I could knock on your door and invite myself in for a cup of coffee. Please don't stop writing!!