Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A small wrinkle...

So I went for my post-op visit this morning, and the cheese grater is off, and to my amazement, I can actually see some things with my left eye, all of which is great, but...there has to be a but...the surgeon prescribed antibiotic eye drops, to be used 4 times a day for 5 days as is standard following eye surgery, but so far, my insurance company is refusing to pay for the antibiotics. Huh? They paid for the frigging surgery, and yesterday they covered the script for pain medication, post surgery, but they don't want to cover post-surgery antibiotics? What kind of sense does that make?

The pharmacist said he'd try to straighten it out, because obviously this isn't right. But he initially said "This could take some time, because we're busy and I don't really know when I'll have time to call them," with the implication, it seemed to me, that it could be tomorrow. I pointed out that the script is for antibiotics, post-eye surgery, that I was actually supposed to have started about 2 hours ago. To his credit, he said, "Ok, I'll call them right now, but obviously I have no control over when they get back to me."

In the meantime, I'm at home, waiting for him to call and tell me it's straightened out and I can come and pick up the drops, but seriously...how does this make any sense?


It makes perfect sense, when the pharmacy enters the wrong information into the system. I had to go home, log onto my work computer, long onto the HR site, and get contact info for my prescription provider to straighten everything out. The maddening thing is, this has happened to me at this particular Target pharmacy once before. Ugh. But I finally got it all straightened out, and I'm now officially mending.

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