Sunday, February 03, 2008

Things I Did This Weekend

1. I went to Home Depot looking for a new light for the guest bath shower. Aaaaaaarrrgggh. Unfortunately, there appear to be no good looking shower lights, so I got new trim for the old light instead, and installed that.
2. I went to Restoration Hardware, where I bought towels, a shower curtain, and shower rings for Katharina, who's found an apartment five minutes away and was busy all weekend moving into it.
3. I read three stories to Alexander. Last night while Kath was packing Xander and I giggled our way through Miss Nelson is Back and The Stupids Have A Ball, and then I made wild sounds as I read him Where the Wild Things Are. He enjoyed the sound effects as much as all 4 of mine did at that age. Xander is familiar with Miss Nelson, as I gave him one of those books for Christmas, but it was his first encounter (the first of many, I'm sure) with The Stupids, also written and illustrated by the highly talented Allard and Marshall. The books are currently out of print, or at least I can't find them at my local B&N, but I can get them through and will, as they're HILARIOUS.
4. I cleaned the rear patio, which was a mess. Because I haven't landscaped yet, instead of a decaying pool, my beautiful new fence surrounds a dried out mud pit. Alexander walked out back and said, "Wow, Judi, it looks like the DESERT out here!" Uh-huh. That's gonna change, eventually, given a little time and money...
5. I cleaned out the two big flowerbeds in front and planted another pot of pansies as well as several Cyclamen plants - I love this time of year.
6. I met Kath and Xander at Blue Mesa, where Xander had a lemonade and Kath and I each had a well deserved Margarita and we all had some dinner.


Lisa :-] said...

Mud pit in the back yard, huh? Ew.... But it should be fun redesigning it.

Can I have a margarita...?

ASH said...

I had forgotten all about The Stupids. Maybe I'll check them out from the library...

Tammy said...

I need to buy some Stupids! Planting, shopping, eating out and margaritas? It don't get much better.


andy said...

I LOVE Restoration Hardware...great stuff....just wish I could walk in to one instead of always ordering over the web.

lost in middle america....says hope you're well judy