Sunday, February 17, 2008

What I Did Today - Saturday, February 16, 2008

1. I gave a small donation to the Forth Worth Symphony in response to a call from a phone solicitor doing fund-raising for the symphony...I kept thinking what a hard job that must be.
2. I went to the movies - I saw The Savages, an interesting film (and one worth seeing) with two of my favorite actors: Philip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney, playing a brother and sister who come together to deal with their aging father's dementia. I didn't much care for the script, but the acting was terrific.
3. I finally put a new handle on the toilet tank in the guest bath. It's brushed nickel, to match the rest of the hardware in there. It wasn't a difficult thing to do, except that the old hardware was corroded onto the tank, making removal...interesting...
4. I made a shower curtain for the guest bath, having discarded the ancient shower door in November, before the shower was resurfaced.
5. I put a fresh coat of teak oil on the towel ladder in the guest bath.


Chris said...

I thought about you when reading this post over at Patrick Hillman's blog:

Lisa :-] said...

Quite the "Home Improvement" day...

emmapeelDallas said...


Thanks for leaving that link. That was an AMAZING article, and I enjoyed it so much I made a copy of it to send to friends.


Yeah, I feel like I'm never gaining on the projects, but they continue to have to be done...

TJ said...

Way to go!
I see you are having some nasty weather if the weather station is right.
I think of you often.TJ

Lippy said...

Sounds like a very well-rounded day, and all very positive things :)

Liquid said...

You're a busy girl!

Good to be here again and reading your post(s).

Apologies for being away so long.
I'll do better from now on.

Have a super day today!