Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Attention Sarah Palin:


Isn't this one of the best campaign buttons you've seen for this election? I got it from my friend Pam.

Thanks, Pam!

As Mayor Daley used to say: vote early & vote often!

Also, if you're so inclined (and I am) there's an amazing website called Women Against Sarah Palin, started by a couple of women on Blogspot who object to Palin. This is from their masthead: "On Wednesday, September 3, we sent out an email to 40 friends and colleagues asking them to respond to Sarah Palin’s candidacy as Vice President of the United States. They forwarded the letter to their friends across America. By Tuesday, we had received more than 40,000 responses from women of all ages and backgrounds." Check out the site. I've sent my objections.


Theresa Williams said...

Wow, those buttons are GREAT.

Jan said...

Great button! Thanks for the link, too.

TJ said...

My friend put it best...

It must be that all those issues
have just gone away cause all I've heard about is pigs and pastors and pit bulls. He said this, she said that. Will someone please tell the other countries to turn off thier TVs,this is too embarassing to broadcast to the rest of the world. The stupid meter is in the red and climbing by the hour.
Right now there are elderly people who are deciding between food and heat. Right now there are students who have no hope of going to college (mine included) because thier parents savings are being steadily drained by unbearable energy costs and stagnating wages. We are at war. Our food supply is threatened by the ethanol scam. OBL is still alive and kicking. the list goes on and on.
Change is coming? Change we can believe in. Bullshit!!!!
It all looks the same to me, just like every other election I can remember.
love you,