Thursday, September 18, 2008

this 'n that...

I checked my email tonight and found I had a big, unsolicited, color invitation to buy Term Life Insurance from...ta da! AIG! Yep, that's the same AIG that the federal government has just agreed to bail out with an $85 billion dollar loan.

Thanks but no thanks. I don't need Term Life Insurance, and if I did, I wouldn't consider buying it from AIG, no matter what rate they offered. One of the auto divisions of AIG tried to get my business a couple of months ago, when I was looking into switching carriers. They offered a really competitive rate, but when I went to the Texas Department of Insurance website to check them out, the A.M. Best rating gave me pause...and so I stayed with Nationwide for now, in spite of the fact that I loathe their "Life comes at you fast" commercials, especially the one where an open can of yellow paint falls off the window washers' scaffold onto a small red car, several stories below. Why do the window washers have an open can of yellow paint on their scaffold? And why does the "friend" not say anything as the car is being destroyed? It's yet another stupid ad, but television is filled with stupid ads. C'est la vie.

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Tammy said...

I thought that exact same thing about the ads! LOL Very odd!

I think of you everytime I see the outside bathtub ad. Nice ugh. ;)