Monday, September 29, 2008

things I did this weekend...

1. On Friday, I worked from home, and because I was home I had Home Depot come to measure the countertop I've ordered for the guest bathroom. This means I need to get my act together and start tiling those walls.
2. Friday afternoon I went to the dentist. It turns out he's a former Chicagoan like myself. We bored the hygienist silly reminiscing about the near north side, Lincoln Park, the Lincoln Park Zoo, and places like the now defunct Belden Deli, where I tasted my first lox.
3. Friday night I watched the Obama/McCain debate.
4. Saturday afternoon I met an old friend for a burger and a beer at Jake's, in Addison, and we spent an hour or so catching up on each other's lives.
5. Sunday morning I went to Home Depot, where I bought a plain white porcelain undermount sink for the guest bathroom.
6. Sunday afternoon I saw an excellent movie at the Inwood, Frozen River, starring Melissa Leo, of the gritty 90's series, Homicide. The movie is about two women working for minimum wage who get involved in smuggling people across the Canadian border into the United States. It's a real sleeper; well worth seeing.
7. After the movie, I went to Dodie's, where I had a cup of shrimp bisque, some deep fried crawfish, and a Shiner.

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