Monday, September 15, 2008

from the mouths of babes, or ONE of these things is not like the other...

Kath & Xander stopped by to see me on my birthday, but I wasn't home, so I missed them. My front door has two windows that look into the front hall. As Katharine stood outside, ringing the bell, Xander said, "Hey Mom, you can stop ringing the bell, Judi's not here!"
"Xander, you don't know that!" Kath said. "Judi parks in the garage, so just because her car's not out front doesn't mean she's not here!"
"Mom, I KNOW she's not here!" Xander said, smiling slyly.
"OK, how do you KNOW she's not here," Kath said.
Beaming, Xander exclaimed, "'Cause her keys & phone aren't on the table!"

He was absolutely right. When I come home, Virgo that I am, I place my keys & cellphone in a dish on the front hall table. I got a kick out of that story when Kath told me, and I thought how smart and observant Xander is. Then this morning, as I was getting ready to leave for work and grabbed my phone and keys off that table, I thought of something else. If Xander can look through my front door and make that observation, so can anyone. And that gave me pause. Call me paranoid, but from now on, I'm leaving an old cellphone and a set of keys on that tray all the time, so that anyone looking through the windows of my front door won't know if I'm home or not. Guess I'm getting old after all.


Lisa :-] said...

I think I might get rid of the dish altogether. Not sure I'd want just anybody thinking (or knowing) I'm home, either...

Melissa said...


No, you're not getting old! If you were getting old you would not have made the observation that you did. Smart you figured out a way to confuse those would be "watchers". Pretty darn smart if you ask me! Where do you think that adorable Xander got his brains?


TJ said...

Wow...that is a thought.
I am with Lisa.
Our home is a 70's colonial.
Front living room which we use for a dinning room. The lights are seldom on up front and unless you have been in our home you think we are never home.
I have had to explain that for years...we are home just not up front.
Love the fall arrangement.

Jan said...

That is a thought. I've gotten so that I don't leave my purse on the kitchen counter when I go to bed; it's easily seen through the window of the back door. Almost the same. Don't feel old!

Tammy said...

I love your entry way table and I get the virgo thing but I'd stash my stuff out of sight.

How smart is your little man? LOL

Chris said...

Xander is funny and smart!