Thursday, April 02, 2009

Unfortunately, Judi...

I stole this from Theresa's excellent blog (which you can check out HERE).

This "Google your own name" assignment one asks you to type "Unfortunately, (your name)" and to take the first ten results (weed out the repeats). Here are mine. My favorites are 7, 9 and 10 (and 9 is accurate!).

1. Unfortunately, Judi's maternal grandmother got sick and died shortly after moving to Amber Valley in 1916.

2. Unfortunately, Judi didn't wake up, so Lyric dialed 911.

3. Unfortunately, Judi died before her exoneration.

4. Unfortunately, Judi is still not back to full mobility and was not able to defeat her opponent in the DE round.

5. Unfortunately, Judi's father passed away during this time and she had a bad host, who wouldn't allow the use of her computer or telephone, even with offers of overpayment of all expenses.

6. Unfortunately, Judi had been feeling ill all day, so we left before the evening performances.

7. Unfortunately, Judi espouses the same brand of leadership and spirituality as a TV evangelist - with a tenth of the success.

Unfortunately, Judi will only create the Valentine's extravaganza dessert on the 14th, but tea and delectable sweets are served daily.

9. Unfortunately, Judi made it clear that as far as men were concerned she had one strict rule above all others: She could never date a man who ordered his meat well-done.

10. Unfortunately, Judi hasn’t done much with her fantastic voice since Parkin Zone.


Melissa said...

Oh, those were funny!

And I would add here: FORTUNATELY Melissa found a wonderful friend in Judi!

Theresa Williams said...

7 and 9 are so hilarious!

Chris said...

I am pretty sure that I was adopted because my dad likes his well done. I refuse to make him a fillet mignon for that reason!

TJ said...

I( had to try it...yours is alot funnier!!

Terri said...

That is funny!!! I tried it with my name -- Terri -- and the first 10 or so hits were about Terri Schiavo. sigh.

Tammy said...

That was very entertaining and now I'm curious.