Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ah, October!

There are a lot of things to be depressed about right now. The economy and politics are two topics that leap to mind, and there are others as well. But I'm tired of all the gloom and doom, and the moreso because this is my favorite time of year. I went out to lunch with a friend today, and we sat outside in the sunshine (well, actually we sat beneath an umbrella), drinking ice tea and eating our lunch and enjoying the clear blue sky. We talked politics, but instead of moaning and groaning, we talked about Tina Fey's hilarious depictions of Sarah Palin, and of our favorite RedState Update videos (see Jackie & Dunlap's hysterical anticipatory take on the upcoming Palin-Biden debate here).

Comedians have always held a higher place in my world than the masters of the universe could ever hope to achieve.


brooke said...

mike and i were just spending time last night watching the real interview between couric and palin, then comparing it to the SNL skit (the fact that fey hardly had to much different than what palin actually does). it was so hilarious, but also scary.

Melissa said...


I love Fall too! It's funny though, when I was young I thought it was a depressing time; things dying, weather turning colder, etc., but as I've aged I've come to love it and see it as a time to get cozy inside and hibernate in a way.

Oh, and I'm finally on Blogger myself since AOL is kicking us out of J-land on Oct. 31. Still trying to figure it all out.

TJ said...

Absolutely...beautiful time of year and all the depression glooms over head!
Good for you and yes Comedy is a cure.
Love TJ