Monday, February 23, 2009


It's time again for Carly's Monday Photo Shoot! The assignment this week is to hit her with your best shot. If you want to play too, click HERE.

I knew immediately what shot I'd use for this assignment, and yes, it's one from my archives, specifically, 1982. In those days I kept a roll of seamless paper hanging from the ceiling in our dining room, and I'd regularly pull it down to shoot various objects, including our cats and our daughters. I took this shot of Alex and Katharine, who were then 6 and 3, in early November, for our Christmas card that year. 27 years later, it's still probably the best pic I've ever taken, or certainly my favorite. I took this with an old Nikorex with a Nikon lens, and used two umbrella flashes for the light.

I prefer to photograph living things: people, animals, plants as opposed to taking photographs of buildings. Of course, I take pics of buildings too, and in fact (a moment of shameless self-promotion here) I just got notice that a shot that I took of the Robie House at U of C
last December has been selected for inclusion in the sixth edition of the Schmap Chicago Guide. I didn't get paid, but my name is on the shot, which is pretty cool. The most challenging aspect of photographing people for me is to catch the personality behind the face. I think I succeeded in this shot, and that's why I like it so much. A part of that aspect (capturing the real person behind the face) is, of course, lighting, which is why I'm ready to move on to a digital SLR as soon as my budget allows.


Jama said...

They were so adorable! I'm sure by now they turn into beautiful people.
I'm never good at taking portraits, I prefer nature.

Melissa said...

I love this picture too. I remember seeing it before.

I would soo love to take a photography class. I guess first I'd need a decent camera. Oh well, someday.....

wv: yestotm

yes to me? Yes I should buy a camera? lol

Coy said...

Wow ... great shot you did a beautiful job capturing their personality.
*** Coy ***

Greg said...

This is an excellent picture! Love the composition, and the interaction between the two girls. Nicely executed photo!


Carly said...

:)Hi Judi

BEAUTIFUL! I am so glad I got to see this picture, because it is just wonderful. I love the black and white, and the faces are just about the cutest I have seen! I would just LOVE to see you take an updated photo of the two girls, with as much duplicated as possible. I know... I am asking a lot there... but I can just imagine it... awesome!

Once again, thank you so much for your participation and support over the last 6 months, I have appreciated it more then I can say! You're a super lady, and a good pal too!

Always, Carly

Suzanne R said...

What an adorable picture! It seems that we sometimes hang onto those from longer ago; I did in my post, anyway.

Tammy said...

This is a fantastic shot Judi! The eye's speak volumes.

Congrats on being in that guide. That's quite an honour. HUGS

TJ said...

I love that it is balabk and white. I think you really did capture something special...really special. Great work...seriously great!

~ Lor said...

This is such a beautiful photo.

Chris said...

That is a great shot! Just perfect in lighting, composition, focus, subject and everything.

I LOVE my DSLR. Love, love love it! Learning to shoot in full manual for the past 5 weeks has been challenging but absolutely freeing from an artistic point of view.

Keep an eye on Craigslist for camera bodies. You can sometimes get a good deal from someone who is upgrading. I got a Nikon D-60 but am already on the lookout for a D-200.

You have such great photos already, I didn't realize you were still using a point and shoot. Is it an advanced one with a lot of manual controls?

Chris said...

PS: You are being sneaky with you 1 minute writers:) I keep seeing 4 and 5 posts from you on Google Reader but then get to your blog and they aren't there.

Laura said...

That is a great photo! The girl in the background looks quite mischievous.