Thursday, July 21, 2005

me and my camel in Big Bend


emmapeeldallas said...

You know, I was in Big Bend, on that camel trek, and the camels have to be brought in, across the checkpoints...and it's a lot of camels, and there aren't a lot of checkpoints, so you'd think word would get around...but when I was driving back to Dallas, in my rental car, I was stopped at a checkpoint. The authorities are trying to keep drugs from being smuggled in from the stops are routine, and I was asked what my business in Big Bend had been. I said brightly (or perhaps not so brightly), "I was on a camel trek!" Next thing I know, I'm pulled over, told in no uncertain terms to "GET OUT OF THE CAR" and have to stand there for 25 minutes on a hot night while they search my rental car from top to bottom. Thank goodness there was nothing interesting in it! LOL!

cneinhorn said...

great photo, a pet camel huh? ;-)