Saturday, July 16, 2005

Patrick's Saturday Six

1. What is the last thing you either camped out or got up unusually early to be able to buy? That's easy; I was in line last night at midnight for the latest Harry Potter. I'm a die-hard fan!

2. If you had to give up one of the following for a full year, which would be the easiest to do without? Which would be the most difficult to give up?
a) Your personal vehicle
b) Your Telephone (both cellular and land line)
c) The Internet
d) Meat (all of it: Beef, Poultry, Pork and Seafood)
e) Television

Television would be the easiest thing for me to give up; I grew up without television (and without a car, for that matter; I didn't learn to drive until I was 30, but that's another story). The most difficult thing for me to give up in Dallas would be my car, as public transportation here is very poor, and many of the things that I do are not within walking distance. Giving up my phone(s) would be a close second in difficulty, though.

3. How many items (include all bottles, boxes and containers) are in your medicine cabinet? Which is the last one you used? There are 46 items in my medicine cabinet, but none of them is medicine; there are bath oils and powders, colognes, lotions, etc. Having raised 4 children and now having a 2-year-old grandson who comes over regularly, I keep medicines in less accessible places. The last item I used was a bottle of Banana Republic Classic cologne, which I spritzed on this morning after getting dressed.

4. What is the first source you go tofor news of any kind when you wake up? How much do you trust that particular source? I turn on my computer and look at the front page of the NYTimes online, to which I subscribe. The front page is always one of my morning e-mails. I then go in and read any stories that interest me, and yes, I trust the NY Times, to the chagrin of most of my conservative, Republican Dallas friends.

5. Take the Quiz: What do the letters of your name stand for?

Judi: Judicial/Unforgettable/Dignified/Insane - hmmmmmmm...OK, dunno how "judicial" I am, but there are people who'd say I'm unforgettable, I think, but NEVER dignified...that's just not me...ditzy maybe, sometimes ;p and insane, yep, I'd agree

As for emmapeel: Exquisite/Modern/Meek/Adventurous/Perfect/Exciting/Exquisite/Loud

Sheesh, exquisite???? Um, that's an adjective I'd reserve for Audrey Hepburn; nope, I'm not exquisite (even though it's listed twice!!) - I'm also not meek...I'm definitely adventurous (hey! I've ridden a camel, gone on cattle drives more than once, and gone whitewater rafting for a week...and done plenty of other adventurous things that AOL might not sanction my listing)...Perfect - HA! 'fraid not...Exciting...yep, there are people who'll testify to this, hehehe...Exquisite (see earlier comment)...Loud - nope, I'm not loud. So much for the acronym generator.

6. What is your favorite color and why? If you have a journal or journals, is this color the primary one on those journals? If not, why not?

Blue is my favorite color, in part because I love most of it's variations...I find it soothing. But I also love drab colors; browns, greys and earthtones, and the primary color on my blog is a sort of grey/brown. I didn't use blue because I think it's overrused.

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Marc said...

46 bottles of bath oils, powders, colognes & lotions! You are certainly taking unfair advantage of "Scenting a Woman"! ...I understand, should Leonard be in would have left him an adequate trail to your door!
Just make certain you top off your sweet scents with a :)
Marc :)