Saturday, July 23, 2005

Patrick's Saturday Six

1. Who was your first best friend? Chris Williams How old were you when you two met? I was 10; she was 9; she was a neighbor down the street in Minnesota. We used to play "Wild Horses", a game where we'd pretend we were wild horses, and we'd prance around the streets and our lawns neighing and whinnying at each other. I think you have to be an adolescent girl to understand the lure of that game. We also spent a LOT of time in a fabulous cemetery built up into the bluffs that was so far outside of town that we had to ride our bikes to get there, and a lot of times, in the summer, we'd each pack a lunch and spend whole days there, wandering around in the cool green light. She didn't think I was nuts for suggesting we go there, and she seemed to enjoy the time spent there as much as I did. We learned a lot of history about our town from those gravestones. Are you still in regular contact with each other? We haven't stayed in contact, but I named one of my kids Chris after her.

2. Other than the "Saturday Six," what weekly or daily memes do you play most often? (Please give a link to that journal.) This is the only one that I play on a regular basis. I play Super Collapse on a regular basis, though, and (ahem) have scored over 2 million!

3. Which of the following likely has the bigger mess underneath it: your stove, your refrigerator, your couch or your bed? My bed; I keep a loaded toolbox under my bed. Re everything else: the ovens and cooktop in my kitchen are built-in; I roll out the refrigerator (all 27.5 cubic feet) and vacuum under it regularly; there's an antique brass fireplace fender under one of the couches (for lack of anyplace else to store it) but nothing else.

4. Take this quiz: How long does MSN think you'll live? 102! Then take this one: How long does Blogthings think you'll live? 88

5. Do either or both of these motivate you to make any changes in your lifestyle? Nope.

6. Name five things you would like to do by December 31, 2005. 1. See Mike settled happily at UA; 2. Get a job (really, I'd love to figure out a way to get paid to stay home...I love being at home, and hate going to an office and having a boss); 3. Finish the upstairs bath! 4. Meet a bright, intelligent, funny, SANE guy with whom to start a relationship; 5. Win the lottery (NOTE: the odds are against the last two, as I'm a magnet for unstable males and I don't buy lottery tickets).


emmapeeldallas said...

Thanks for commenting, and thank you, too, for welcoming me to J-land. I appreciate it.


hillareeday said...

Hi! I am supposed to live until 102 or 88 too! I enjoyed reading your comments. The cemetary sounds like an interesting place.
Welcome to J-land!