Saturday, July 30, 2005

Patrick's Saturday Six #68

1. What was your favorite childhood movie? When was the last time you saw it? Hmmmmmm, this is hard. I'm a movie buff, and have been since I was 4 or 5, when my older brother and I would walk into town, barefoot (we didn't wear shoes in the summertime), for our town's Friday night "free shows": Ma & Pa Kettle movies projected from a grassy hill onto a small ratty screen behind the IGA grocery store in the center of town. I remember that when we walked home afterward it seemed terribly late to me (it was probably around 9PM) and there were always a zillion stars overhead and the nights were loud with crickets, but as we got further out into the country there were also dogs, of which I was scared, and the moreso because my brother, 5 years older than I, always made me walk about 10 feet behind him, because he didn't want to be seen with me. (He currently denies this, but I know better.) But I favorite childhood movie was probably Bambi. Last time I watched it? I just bought the digitally remastered DVD and watched it with my grandson about a month ago.

2. Who is your worst enemy at the moment? Why is that person your enemy? I'm always my own worst enemy, because I procrastinate, and doubt myself, and denial is a way of life for me at times.

3. Which one of the following annoys you most when you encounter a new blog? a. Constant grammatical errors; b. Constant spelling errors; c. Contrived "street" language; d. Too many "nothing happening today" entries. When I encounter a new blog, I quickly read through it and if it isn't interesting to me, I move on. I don't get annoyed by any of the things mentioned in a blog I'm not going to read.

4. Take this quiz: Which alcoholic drink are you? According to the quiz, I'm a cocktail: fun, often the life of the party (dunno about that), interesting, with a good sense of humor, and definitely exciting...young at heart, often give people the escape they need (hmmmm...maybe that's my problem) and make an excellent friend.

5. What's the last thing you said to a person face to face? Who was that person? Um, shouldn't this be the most recent thing I said to a person face to face? OK, this is pretty boring, but I said, "How was work?" to my son, Chris.

6. When you shower, do you ever think of the movie, Psycho? Well, I didn't...


Marc said...

Glad to see that you were in the company of Delbert McClinton while filling out the Saturday 6!

Bambi.... I marvel at its longevity! The charm of this film has transcended generations! Released in 1942 (not on a Video or DVD, mind you!)..Its message still charms the heart 63 years later!
One of the voices of Bambi was that of Hardie Albright..a vey popular actor in the 30's and 40's.......had a small role in a very intiguing movie dealing with twists and turns of fate, "The House on 56th St"...too bad, no film producer has done a remake on that one....instead, we get "Dukes of Hazzard"...... how's that for a twist of fate...a onetime TV favorite turned into a "T&A" bazzare!

No wonder Bambi has outlived them!
~~~~ Have a safe weekend! Marc :)

E said...

#1. Ditto
#2. DITTO!
#3. Ditto
#4. Hah...ditto?...that's what it said...
#5. HI CHRIS!!!!
#6. Not so much, recently.. :)

Lily said...

lol I like those... I'm going to fill that out now lol

Lily said...

lol Love your answers. Did one too lol

sierrajazz said...

always enjoy these types of quizzes and questions. It is fun to read others answers and get to know them better.. I can't watch movies where animals get hurt. My parents made me quit watching Lassie because I always cried.. every time. The only thing I think about while in the shower is how good the hot water feels and I hope it doesn't run out anytime soon.