Saturday, July 09, 2005

Saturday Six

1. How many mirrors are there in your home? If you could go for the rest of your life without ever looking in a mirror (but still know that you hadn't missed a button or that your hair was disarrayed, etc.) would you? There are 14 hanging mirrors in my home (including medicine cabinet mirrors, mirrors on the back of closet doors, etc.). No, I wouldn’t be willing to go the rest of my life without looking in a mirror, because I don’t trust anyone else to tell me what works and what doesn’t. The significant others in my life, be they former spouse, lover, or children, tend to say "You look fine", but I can look in a mirror and tell at a glance that I want different shoes with an outfit, or to wear a longer/shorter skirt, etc., and that’s important to me.

2. What online abbreviation annoys you the most and why? LOL! LOL, because it’s overused. ;p

3. What do you hate the most in this world? Prejudice.

4. You decide to go to your next high school reunion. What do you anticipate would be the thing most people said about you behind your back? "She looks great!" (dunno if they'd actually say this, but I'm not paranoid; I don't imagine them saying anything bad).

5. You learn that because of some galactic mixup in fate itself, you must restart your life tomorrow in a new place. You will emerge as a person with a unique past and won't seem out of the ordinary to those in the new place. You will retain the experiences and memories of your past, but the people you are closest to will believe that you are dead and gone and you would be prohibited from contacting them. Where would you go and why? I’d go somewhere near water, and it would probably be south, although I also love the northeast. I grew up in Minnesota, on the Mississippi, and although there are many things I like about Texas, I’ve always felt landlocked here in Dallas.

6. What are you most passionate about in this moment of your life and why? Oh wow...that’s hard for me because I’m trying to figure out so many things about what to do next in my life right now. At the risk of sounding like the AndieMacDowell character in Sex, Lies & Videotape worrying about the world’s garbage and other things she couldn’t control, I’d have to say that the thing most likely to get a rise out of me these days is Our Esteemed Leader and His Minions blathering on and on about the necessity of increasing the ranks of the volunteer army with Yours, Mine and Ours but not Theirs, and sending young soldiers off to places we have no business, if the Bush girls suddenly join the army and are shipped off to Faluja, I may be somewhat assuaged...

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