Sunday, July 10, 2005

moving forward

My bedroom door hasn't latched properly the entire 20 years I've been in this house, except for the occasional day that the humidity was so high it swelled the door into alignment. 99% of the time, when I shut that door, the latch hit the strikeplate just a little low, so if the door was lifted a bit, it would latch. Accordingly, for the past 20 years, when I've gone into or out of my bedroom I've usually pulled up a bit on the door to get it to latch, and it's been an incredible pain in the butt to always have to remember to do that. When I haven't remembered, I've come home to find the cats asleep on the chaise (they're not allowed in there), or the door's suddenly opened, on its own, at inopportune moments, etc. But no more!

Friday night I went to Home Depot and spent $1.19 on a whole stack of plastic shims, and this morning I trimmed one and screwed it into place, behind the bottom hinge...voila! After 20 years, the door now latches, perfectly and effortlessly, as it should! I'm still amazed...such an easy, inexpensive fix! I think there may be a lot of things in my life that are like that, where just a small amount of concentrated effort will reap a big reward. Now to figure out what they are...

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Mrs. L said...

See, I wouldn't even know that there was such a thing as a shim that I could buy or do something with. Mrs. L