Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

EMPS #9: Happy Halloween!
is my favorite holiday, I think it is the best holiday of the year! I like the decorations in particular. This Halloween, however, I haven't seen nearly as many Halloween related decorations as in previous years. Let's fix that. Show me all things Halloween! Costumes. Decorations. A photograph of spooky movie posters hanging on a wall. Bowls of candy. Pumpkins. Foggy deserted roads. Plastic spiders. A bubbling cauldron. October 31st circled on a calendar. A fake ghost. A REAL GHOST! A witch and her broomstick. A black cat crossing your path. Anything that says Halloween to you!
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I agree with Carly, I love Halloween!

When I was a little kid and didn't get what I wanted, I always consoled myself by telling myself that when I was a grown up, things would be different, e.g., "I'll let my kids have as many pets as they want, including a monkey," or "Halloween will be a big holiday at my house, and I'll help my kids with whatever costumes they want...", yada yada yada.

I confess I didn't follow through on the plan to run a menagerie for endless animals (unless you count my post-divorce dating life for a while there), but I was always pretty good about Halloween, and offer as evidence the fact that in my house, I have a Costume Closet, with racks of costumes that I sewed for my four kids over the years, from the Vogue pattern, with lining and interlining (what was I thinking?) for ET that I made for Alex in the early 80's to the magician's cape, black satin with red satin lining, that I sewed for Chris in the early 90's, with countless costumes in between. I didn't limit my kids to Halloween for wearing costumes, though. Both my girls regularly pulled tutus over their courdroy's when they were little, and Mike wore Indian headbands and Chris slept in his skeleton Halloween sweats for an entire year, I think.

Most years when the kids were little, we had a Halloween party, complete with a mummy wrap on the front lawn as the grand finale at the end. In case you don't know, this involves a case of cheap toilet paper and at least one adult willing to be wrapped...

But my kids are grown and there aren't as many little kids on the block anymore, with the result that there are no longer so many houses with wonderful, elaborate decorations. This includes my own house.

As always, I've hung up Igor (a vampire who howls and whose eyes light when you clap your hands) from the hook above the bannister in the front hall, and I'll pass out candy tonight from the interactive candy bowl pictured above, that wiggles its fingers and chuckles "Happy Halloween" when the kids reach in, but other than that, there are no other Halloween decorations at my house this year. I'm working from home today, because I wanted to be sure that I'm here on time to pass out candy to the youngest kids, who come by, shyly, for the most part, with their parents when it's still daylight, 4:30 or 5:00.

When my kids were little, somehow I thought that the magic excitement of Halloween was an endless effervescence that I could count on each year, but it turns out that like childhood itself, the magic excitement is all too ephemeral. Of course, it's out there, in whole new generations of trick or treaters, including my grandson, Xander, and yet that's not the same as when you're the mom, planning these things with your very own kiddoes...

Ah well, c'est la vie...Happy Halloween everyone!


Tammy said...

I'm hoping for an animal, post divorce post! LOL

What a great mom you were Judi! I enjoyed the parade. I LOVE the moving bowl, how cute!

I'll be hiding...shhh!

emmapeelDallas said...

LOL! I'm working on that, but remember, some of my offspring read my blog!


Tressa Bailey said...

Oh I miss those days of young children too....but during their teens it was fun as well... I think my favorite memory (oh I am such a horrible mother for still thinking this was *cute*) was the halloween my then 14 year old daughter, who strives for authenticity in all things, was brought home by my cousin the police officer because she was carrying a (fake) blood covered hatchet as part of her dead serial killer costume....I don't know where she hid it. She was outraged but left again with a plastic *butcher knife* grumbling about how no one understands an artist and her work.

Happy All Hallows Eve. Don't let the goblins gitchya!

Lisa :-] said...

The neighborhood we live in now is the best place we've ever lived for trick-or-treaters. We have a lot of fun handing out candy and gushing over the costumes. And Lucy (our faithful canine) LOVES all the kids.

Carly said...

Happy Halloween :)

First of all, I completely agree with Tammy, I want to see a post divorce animal post as well. Now, as for your entry, darlin... it was wonderful! I love the costumes, and the candy, but the Vampire was the best! Thanks for playing along, you made me smile!

Always, Carly

Fran said...

I can remember it being such a magical night when the kids were young! I love it when whole neighborhoods celebrate like yours did! It just isn't the same after they grow up and leave home.


Robbie said...

Halloween doesn't seem to be lost on a large part of the adult population. They have a huge street festival that draws 100K or more people each year. But, I'm not much for crowds like that so I've never went.

I loved the pics of your kids. So cute!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I love the pictures of your kids in their costumes through the years. We don;t have kids, so it's just me and the neighbor kids, while John oeeks out through his office window.