Saturday, October 11, 2008

Patrick's Saturday Six #235

Patrick's Saturday Six is all about the movies this week. If you want to play, click here.

1. What’s the last movie you watched in the theater? Appaloosa

2. How much is absolutely too much to pay for seeing a movie in a theater at night? $15.00

3. Other than popcorn and a drink, what concession item are you most likely to buy in a movie theater? Non-pareils.

4. Take the quiz: In What Genre Should You Be A Movie Star?

You're the girl who (unlike in real life) ends up with the sweet, caring, gentle man at the end. And when that's over, you move on to the next film and get to experience it all again!

Downside: When that's over, the perfect man/woman goes back to their trailor, drinks, fights with their actual spouse and pretty much leaves you in the dust. Oh, and you never get any "action". That's a different genre...

5. What was the last movie you watched at home? George Cukor's 1933 Little Women on AMC.

6. Would you have paid to watch this film in a movie theater when it originally came out? Absolutely.


Chris said...

Wait, you are lying on #6, you weren't even alive then! ;)

I can't make myself go to the movies anymore, it's just too much money and I'm usually disappointed.

Tammy said...

The quiz results must have made you giggle. I LOVED Little Women!

I just saw "The Happening" and "Ironman." Thumbs down on both! I like Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Walburg but they didn't pull it off.! WooHoo!


TJ said...

George Cukor's 1933 Little Women on AMC, GREAT!!
It's been a while since I have LOVED a movie...I do enjoy the 3d movies, but the cost is awful.
Great and interesting post.