Thursday, March 19, 2009

commuting and opera and netflix...

I've been working and commuting endlessly, or so it seems. Let's just say my idea of hell is being on a freeway with no exits.

But there have been some bright spots, too. Chris called unexpectedly one night recently and said Stephanie had to study, so he wondered if I'd like to accompany him to the opera. Would I? I've never dressed so fast. In pouring rain we drove to Fair Park, where we saw Rossini's An Italian Girl in Algiers. It was great. I used to take Chris to the opera when he was in elementary school, and I'm happy to know that it "took". The Fort Worth Opera is doing Carmen in May, so I'm thinking of getting tickets to that for all of us. Last weekend, I went with a friend to see the George Segal exhibit at the Nasher, and was reminded once again how much I love living in the city.

In the evenings I've been vegging out with Netflix, where I'm currently working my way through The Wire - I have a pash for Dominic West. Actually, I have a pash for Netflix. Video stores overwhelm me, but to be in the quiet of my gameroom, browsing my options online, then queuing my choices, the top two of which appear magically in my mailbox a couple of days later to be watched when I choose to watch them...this is brilliant! If only my whole life could run like this...not just movies, but food and books and music, and people...yeah, there's a concept...


TJ said...

I have never seen a opera. I know I would really eanjoy it but we haven't anything anywhere around here.
I am in such a uncultured enviroment. We do have a simple Whiting that host ballets and others, I seen Riverdance twice there.
But we are filled with expressways and interstates! Churches and Bars..and a very small handful of restruants that are exciting enough.
Can't wait to get back to Texas this winter...who knows maybe we can meet?
Have a great day!

Chris said...

Like TJ I've never seen an opera in person. But I've lived through my older brother vicariously. I remember him watching operas on PBS back in the days before cable. I would watch and try to figure out what the big deal was. I liked musicals but could never get "into" operas although I could appreciate the writing, composition, and musical execution.

emmapeelDallas said...

People think opera is highbrow, but really, it's music for the people, and it's everything coming together: voices, orchestra, story. It's an acquired taste for most people, myself included, but once you're hooked, well, you're hooked! TJ, I'd love it if we could meet when you come back to Texas!