Friday, March 13, 2009

happy Friday the 13th!

Mike and Chris were born on August 13th, and ever since then, I've considered 13 a lucky number, so there's no triskaidekaphobia in my house. Happy Friday the 13th!


Melissa said...

I wish you could have seen my face when I read this entry! You absolutely will not believe this; I worked last night and all everyone was talking about was how today was going to be Friday the
13th and how sorry they all felt for anyone born on the 13th. And I said, "My Patrick was born on the 13th of May and I've never ever thought that he had an unlucky birthday! In fact, I think 13 is a lucky number because I got him on the 13th!"

Hello TWIN!


:) Mi momma was born on the 13th of August.

Jan said...


Tammy said...

Dave is August 13th 1957, a very good year. ;)

daringtowrite said...

What a great word!

TJ said...

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Have a great day!