Monday, March 02, 2009

Monday Photo Shoot #27: Condiments

It's time for Carly's Monday Photo Shoot. The topic this week is CONDIMENTS. If you want to play too, click HERE.

I had a grilled salmon fillet and a tossed salad for dinner tonight, so no condiments there. To do this assignment, I opened the door of my refrigerator and pulled out an armful of my favorites: Chipotle Chile Ketchup; Dijon mustard; Knott's Jalapeno Jelly (good on black bean burritos); a jar of homemade candied jalapenos (a gift from a friend); Jalapeno Hatch Chile Jam (uh, I guess there's a theme here); and finally, red and green Tobasco sauce. There are lots more in the door of my fridge. I love my condiments.

condiments IMG_1507


Melissa said...

You and Amber (Patrick's bride to be) would get along famously! I've never seen anyone so crazy about condiments as Amber. And she mixes them, things that most people wouldn't think to do. On her spaghetti, she has marinara AND alfredo! There are many other combo's but I can't think of them right now (too early in the am!)

Tammy said...

We don't use but mayo and ketchup. Yummy goodies here.

Square Root Day? lol

Suzanne R said...

Your condiments look very good! I am becoming more and more hooked on jalapenos. They're delicious!

Chris said...

Have you tried the Tabasco habanero hot sauce? I like tasting drops of normal tabasco while cooking,it just tastes good. But the habanero sauce? OUCH! HOT HOT HOT

Carly said...

:) Hi Judi :)

Candied jalapenos? I think that would be wonderful to try. I love jalapenos! YUUUUUMMMM. Neat assortment of condiments. Well done!

Always, Carly

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Goodness! All that hot stuff! Nice photo, though.