Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I'm not mathematically inclined, but even I can appreciate the fact that today - 03/03/09...is SQUARE ROOT DAY! Yeah, I'm a nerd, I know it. Square root day is celebrated on dates where the day and the month are both the square root of the last two digits in the current year.

I love stuff like this. It only happens nine times in a century; the last square root day was 02/02/04 and the next one will be...TA DAH...04/04/16. In a similar vein, my favorite year was 1961. I was 11, and I figured out that you could stand on your head and the year would still read "1961".

Coming up...Pi day (03.14, of course)...


Melissa said...

How interesting! Not being a math mind myself I was unaware of such things! I'll leave it to you to remind me when such days are coming up!

brooke said...

haha i really like this post. your genuine flippancy and playfulness really shines through the "nerdiness." :)

TJ said...

That is pretty funny..I never heard of such a thing.
How are you?
I couldn't help but notising that you aren't posting as much lately.
R U okay?
Thinking of you,

Jan said...

that is cool.