Friday, November 04, 2005

abnormal minds, etc.

OK, I got this from my ex, and it's FUN. It's also've gotta try it!

At the end of this message, you are asked a series of simple math problems.

Answer each immediately.
Don't stop and think about it.

Just say the first thing that pops into your mind.

This is a fun "test"... AND kind of spooky at the same time! Give it a try, and you'll see how many people you know fall into the same percentage as you. Be sure to mention in the comments if you are among the 98% or the 2%. You'll understand what that means after you finish taking the "test".

Now... just follow the instructions as quickly as possible.

Do not go on to the next calculation before you have finished the previous one.

You don't ever need to write or remember the answers,
just do it using your mind.

You'll be surprised.


How much is:

15 + 6

3 + 56

89 + 2

12 + 53

75 +26

25 + 52

63 + 32

I know! Calculations are hard work, but it's nearly over..

Come on, one more!

123 + 5


Scroll further to the bottom....

A bit more...

You just thought about a red hammer! , didn't you?

If this is not your answer, you are among 2% of people who have a different, if not abnormal, mind.

98% of the people doing this exercise answer a red hammer.

If you don't believe this, pass it around and you'll see.

Be sure to put in the comments if you are among the 98% or the 2%. I'm among the 2% myself, but I'm happy about that, because as Twain said: "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect.".

Have fun!


Jackie said...

I did think of a hammer, but mine was YELLOW! lol So.. does that mean I'm only partially abnormal??? lol


emmapeeldallas said...

Well, I think you're in good company. I thought of a hammer and the color ORANGE.



Donna said...

What does it mean when you think of a blue hammer? Does that mean I am struggling to be normal??


emmapeeldallas said...

LOL! Welllllllll...the people with whom I'm feeling a kindred spirit are (like me) in the 2% so far...or maybe it'll turn out to be more than 2%. We're SPECIAL! :)


Tina said...

My hammer is green !! Tina

Melissa said...

OMG, I've done similar tests before and I am always in the majority. This time I pictured a yellow saw...don't ask me why, but that's what I pictured. Finally!!! I'm in the 2%. that a good thing or a bad thing?

emmapeeldallas said...

It's GOOD from my standpoint, 'cause I'm in the 2% myself! Like I said, we're SPECIAL!



Lisa said... about a black hammer...? Lisa :-]

Tilly said...

Yay - I'm a 2%er!! I thought of a red hand-held garden fork!


Robbie said...

I'm a 2% too! I thought of a blue hammer. LOL! Congrats on your Vivi nomination!
:-) ---Robbie

Annie said...

i was in the 2%...i was thinking purple

Don't forget about tonight!!! here's the entry with the link!

Annie =)

Lori said...

Hmm...I thought of a purple hammer. Wonder what that means?

Chris said...

I had blue screwdriver.


Brandi said...

ol Orange screwdriver ... : X


Kara said...

That is crazzy! Yep I said red hammer haha!


Theresa said...

I said purple hammer!


Pam said...

That was awesome! I love being a 2%er! (I saw a yellow hammer, but said blue hammer.........)

Cosette said...

I guess I'm slightly abnormal. I said blue screwdriver. Good grief.

Cosette said...

I guess I'm slightly abnormal. I said blue screwdriver. Good grief.

Paul said...

You got me. Red hammer. Does this mean it's over for us?

rosie said...

ok well, im abnormal [mind you, i think i knew that already], i said red drill, so maybe im just half abnormal lol