Friday, November 18, 2005

hood ornaments, past and present

Once upon a time, a couple of light years ago, when I was a bride in Chicago, my ex and I were offered a lift home from a party in a Rolls Royce. Of course we accepted. It was a memorable experience. Among other things, I remember that I felt enveloped in a sense of luxury from the moment I sat down inside that car. The seats were leather and beautifully cushioned, and it was so quiet. It was by far superior to the most luxurious car in which I'd ridden up to that point, a limousine in which we'd been driven from the church in which we were married (St. Chrysostom's) to our reception at my father-in-law's co-op on Lake Shore Drive a year or so prior to the ride in the Rolls.

Fast forward, 31 years, to Dallas, November 18, 2005. I'm getting ready for my weekly Friday night sleepover date with Xander (my 3-year-old grandson if you're a new reader). This afternoon I made a quick trip to Albertson's to restock my supply of milk, Hershey's chocolate syrup, pretzels, frozen waffles, waffle syrup, and fudgsicles (sorry, Kath and Brenden, but that's pretty much what we eat as we watch endless movies and build elaborate structures with legos). I parked in front of my house to unload my groceries, and when I came out to get the last of them, I saw that my crazy Bengal cat, Mia, was once again going out of her way to make me feel good about posing as a hood ornament on my VW.

I appreciate the sentiment, but somehow it's just not the same...neither the hood ornament, nor the car *sigh*


Sie said...

too cute.. you know the hood ornament for the Rolls has a name... and I saw one on a volkswagon... which was so sily, but now VW and RR are the same company so you're not that removed

IndigoSunMoon said...

What a beautiful cat!!!

Bluwave said...

My cat loves sleeping on my car, I think because the engine warms him up. I always have paw prints on the hood from him, no matter how often I wash my car. Too cute :)

Paul said...

Hood ornaments are supposed to be phallic symbols. I don't think a pussycat qualifies.

Ken Verheecke said...

Oh my word... well, life is kinda funny isn't it!? It's like those little reminders at how amazing each and every moment is... it's as if the blinders from our eyes are removed and we are able to see the profound in the simple... the ordinary... the everyday.

Somehow... we come away with a fresh understanding that no matter what... life is good.

Judith HeartSong said...

you've got Albertson's???? I loved Albertson's in Florida.... I think they were shutting some of them when I moved away. Loved this post.