Sunday, November 20, 2005

Robin's First Friday Five

The following is a new weekly meme set up by Robin of These are the Days of our Lives at AOL. She's hoping that this will give everyone who has stayed as well as those who have left AOL a common place within AOL to let people know where they now are.

1. What is the one thing on your Thanksgiving table that you will NOT eat? The only things on the Thanksgiving table that I won't eat are the tablecloth, napkins, centerpiece, and candles. I LOVE Thanksgiving. This year I'll be in Chicago with my firstborn, Alex, and her fiancee, Chris. They'll be cooking The Menu, which I devised in the 80's. It's so good that everyone in our family pretty much follows it. We start with a variety of cheeses and crackers, and then move on to roast turkey that may be cooked in a variety of ways, including brined, traditional stuffing, cooked INSIDE the bird, cranberries Grand Marnier, Julia Child's creamed onions, Craig Claiborne's gingered sweet potato puree, French salad (a delicious salad of julienned carrots, hard cooked eggs, red onion, Granny Smith apples, dill pickle...and I don't remember what else...devised in the 70's by my then father-in-law's Polish housekeeper), corn bread sticks, and pumpkin and mince pies.YUM!

2. Did you ever play in a pile of leaves as a kid? If so do you have a picture of you playing in the fall leaves? Post it if you do! This is me, in a pile of leaves in Wisconsin, circa October 1951. I'd just turned 2, and I was having a GOOD TIME, as you can tell by my expression. :)

3. When you think of Fall what are the three things that come to mind?
Football, turning leaves, and crisp, cool, "sweater weather".
4. When was the last time you had pumpkin pie? Was it last year or have you already had some this year? Thanks to Mrs. Smith's pies and my son Chris (who's a pumpkin pie fanatic) I'm pretty sure I've already had some this year, but I mean like back in January.
5. Tell us something really nice about the last person you read an email from. I got a great e-mail this afternoon from Tammy of The Daily Warrior telling me I was the first visitor to her journal. She has a great journal, so click on the link and check it out. I'm happy that I had the honor of being her first visitor.


Robin said...

Oh I just love the picture of you in the leaves!!! Too cute. Thanks for playing.


Bluwave said...

Wow! You're deeply buried in those leaves. What a darling picture, thank you for sharing it :)


Tammy said...

I love that cutie in the leaves! My husband does not watch sports and neither do I, except we love the Packers! Cheese heads from California...go fiqure?